Goosebumps Slappyworld: Fifth-Grade Zombies #14 [Book Review]

Scarlett Martenson and her friends are total zombie fans! With Ross as the brains, Annie as the makeup artist, Owen as the fright master, and Scarlett as their leader, the group is unstoppable as they terrorize their unsuspecting neighbors. But when Granny Z moves into the creepy, old, abandoned house at the bottom of the hill, things get rotten for the zombie club. Can Scarlett find a way to save herself and her friends or will things continue to decay?


New kid, new school, new everything. Already Tom is getting picked on about creepy stuff, but none is more frightening than what questions are being blown off from answering. Tom is very curious of the towns secret, because no one wants to have a helping hand into understanding.

Some children that met Tom, seem friendly and showed Tom the Harvest Moon inside an actual cornfield. A city boy like Tom, wouldn’t really know how much better if a view of the night sky is. Unless you witness it first hand. Strange events follow while Tom looks on, still nobody seems to want to answer his stubborn questions. Especially why a classroom is called “fifth-z”.

Now Tom has always been playing a instrument, even though it may not be in tune. That also means Tom will and would do anything to join a local band. When confronted by the group its up to Tom to spark a idea, otherwise he’ll be left with eternity what could have.

I feel like R.L. Stine is having a hard time with some newer Goosebumps, why? Well if we look at his big book list. You’ll find one interesting, Ghosts of Fear Street I Was a Sixth-Grade Zombie. Even though, I personally haven’t read it myself but how much different is it in a way of this one? I felt like if I was watching Children of the Corn, but turn them into Zombies. It was an okay listen (audiobook), but it lacks the terrifying aspect as we used to read.




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