Interview with Nicholas Michael Jacobs – Filmmaker, Composer & Actor with Genevieve Feature Film Released on YouTube!

Today we chat with the Philadelphia USA based filmmaker, music composer, actor and YouTuber Nicholas Michael Jacobs who has released many horror short films, feature films and received an award for his music work. With his killer doll horror feature film ‘Genevieve’ released on YouTube now, he talks about why it’s a must watch, what inspires him, and his future projects.


Darsh Davis:- Q 1. You have had a lot of media covering your work but still, for those who don’t know, would you please tell the readers a bit about yourself and your work?

Nicholas Michael Jacobs:- Well, I’m a 22-year-old Independent Horror Filmmaker from Philadelphia and I’ve made multiple short films and four feature films now with my fourth one being Genevieve (2021).

Q 2. You have made a lot of short films. From those short films, which one is your favorite as a creator and why?

Nicholas:- Hmm, I would say probably the first Genevieve short film is my favorite, because that film just has a very specific shooting style about it which I love very much and I’m proud of it.

Q 3. Between short films, fan films and feature films, which one is your preferred format as a creator and why?

Nicholas:- I would say short films currently because they are a little easier for me to create and do well with the budgets that I have.

Q 4. Making music is pretty tricky but still you manage to make beautiful tunes and also won an award for your skill (Award for Best Original Score at the FEARnyc Film Festival for Urban Fears 2019). Have you considered making singles and albums someday or would you prefer to release your film soundtracks only? 

Nicholas:- That is something that I actually thought of before but just never really went through with it yet, so you never know, that is a possibility I would say.

Q 5. Now talking about Genevieve doll, what inspired you to focus more on this doll and make 3 short films and now a feature film about her?

Nicholas:- I feel like this doll is very versatile, I love to throw her into new situations, I also think people love seeing me throw her in these new situations and stories.

Q 6. Alan Maxson has voiced Genevieve in the upcoming Feature Film. He’s a pretty talented creature actor. How was the experience of reaching out to him to  get a spot from his busy schedule & how was your experience while working with him?

Nicholas:- Alan is just amazing, what a great guy! I had a lot of fun working on this film with him and talking to him over the course of the filming process. He is Genevieve to me and if we ever do a sequel he will definitely be back to reprise his role!

Q 7. We noticed that Genevieve feature film 2021 is simply called ‘Genevieve’ and your first short film about the doll from 2020 is also named simply as ‘Genevieve’. What was your reason behind naming both short film and feature film as ‘Genevieve’? Wouldn’t that confuse the audience and critics?

Nicholas:- We did that as a tribute to Light’s Out, which started out as a short and eventually became a feature film with the same name. Also, we just wanted to keep it simple and I think people would understand that this is a different project, or at least I hope.

Q 8. What is something that you love the most about making horror movies? What keeps you motivated? 

Nicholas:- I just love creating these characters seeing where they go, I always loved horror so the genre itself keeps me motivated. Every time I watch a new horror film or see a horror short that I really like it inspires me to create.

Q 9. Since the filming of Genevieve feature film is over, what are your future plans and projects which you would like the readers to follow?

Nicholas:- As of right now we only have this on the table, we want to focus on making this release successful and go from there.

Q 10. What is something you would want the readers to tell about the upcoming Genevieve 2021 feature film? What makes it a must watch and worth pre-ordering from Vimeo on Demand?

Nicholas:- If you are a fan of Chucky, Puppet Master, Annabelle, or just the killer doll genre as a whole then you owe it to yourself to see this love letter to all of the films you love in this subgenre, and that love letter is Genevieve (2021).

Nicholas, we thank you for once again having an interview with us and sharing your priceless experience! Everlasting Hauntings Team wishes you all the best for your future endeavors and a lot of success for the release of Genevieve (2021) feature film on Vimeo!!

Nicholas:- Thank you so much for having me and right back at you!

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Genevieve 2021 Feature Film is filled with suspense, horror, thrills and an exploration of writer’s block as well as supernatural phenomenon of dolls, killers, the otherworld and much more!

– Darsh Davis from Everlasting Hauntings // Everything Horror Podcast VT, USA

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