Full Film & Review: ACM Official’s Smiling Woman 5 Starring Felissa Rose!

The much awaited horror short film “Smiling Woman 5” from ACM Official’s Smiling Woman series premiered on YouTube on July 14th, 2021 (10 PM PST) and now is available to watch for freeWe tell you why it is a must watch and also share the link to the full short film on YouTube along with previous films to watch for free!!


Smiling Woman follows the story of a creepy smiling woman who preys on women she finds alone at 1AM and possesses them.

In part 4, Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) plays nurse Angela, working the graveyard shift in the ICU when she finds herself confronted by the evil smiling woman.

In part 5, Felissa Rose returns as the smiling woman and continues the reign of terror. She’s joined by co-stars Katy Ford (The Core: A Shudder Original Series) and Jessi Sampogna (Criminal Minds). Written and Directed by Alex Magaña (Smiling Woman 1-5, Narco Valley) and co-written by Jed Brian (Unlisted Owner, 13 Slays Till X-Mas).

Spoiler-Free Review:

The Horror short film starts in a hospital room with the leading lady on a stretcher and she starts seeing a woman in a yellow dress who’s smiling in a creepy way. The protagonist starts receiving SMS from an unknown person, which happens to be the same smiling woman. How and if she survives the night is the main reason to watch this short film…      

The horror short film is well directed by Alex Magãna and the writing by Jed Brian makes the story perfect with no wasted time. Lighting and production quality is on par to Hollywood movies and talking about Hollywood, Felissa Rose– the Smiling Woman of this short film delivers the scares in a great way. With most of the scenes giving nostalgia to Merlynda Sol‘s portrayal of Smiling Woman, Felissa Rose adds her unique touch and aggressiveness to the Smiling Woman. Editing makes the sudden appearance of the spirit very scary and the horror fans would love it. The protagonist and the nurse, both are played well. Katy Ford shows the fear perfectly while Jessi Sampogna as the nurse shows the calmness perfectly. The music and sound effects are well synced to the visuals. With no violence, gore or mature content except the scares, this seems like a great horror short for teens and above!     

In conclusion, Smiling Woman 5 scares & entertains through a simple yet effective story with memorable performances! This will make you eager for the next short and if you don’t know about the Smiling Woman series, it makes you a fan of it!      

Highly recommended to watch this horror short film the entire series from the start – all available on YouTube! (Links given below)

Watch the Full Short Film here:

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