Documentary Review: On the Trail of UFOs : Dark Sky by Small Town Monsters Featuring Shannon LeGro & Seth Breedlove!

Without spoiling, we review the informative documentary movie, ‘On the Trail of UFOs : Dark Sky’ by Small Town Monsters featuring “into The Fray” Radio Host & Producer Shannon LeGro and Documentarian Filmmaker Seth Breedlove as they explore the UFO phenomenon in the most scientific, evidence based and educational way possible.

Releasing on major VOD platforms on August 3rd, 2021! Pre-order a DVD or Blu-Ray copy at

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UFOs have been covered far more extensively in the past three years than possibly at any other point in history. Yet answers as to who or what is behind the unidentified aerial phenomena being seen around the world remains elusive. On August 3rd, Shannon LeGro continues her search for the truth behind the enigma, in the next Small Town Monsters release; On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky.

The latest film explores decades of reports of unusual craft and lights seen in the skies, and delves into some of the more overlooked aspects of the subject such as men in black, the connection between UFOs and energy sources and encounters with a mysterious being called “Cold”. The new project took LeGro, and documentarian, Seth Breedlove to the state of West Virginia -secretly a hotbed for UAP activity for over a century- where they investigated a series of sightings around the northern panhandle of the state, and found a link between sightings and energy sources that has gone overlooked. “Dark Sky” also takes a look at “West Virginia’s Area 51”, and a series of sightings of the same object taking place near the town of Davis, West Virginia that lead to the film crew having an encounter of their own.

On the Trail of UFOs explores the UFO topic from the point of view of LeGro; a podcast host and author, and tends to focus more heavily on eyewitness accounts than typical alien-fare. “This project excited us because we were able to look into reports from real people in real places that still connect what they’re seeing to what is being talked about in the mainstream media today,” Breedlove said. “Particularly, this idea of why these objects or lights in the sky might actually be here on earth and how they might be closer connected to us than we think.”

On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky, is a follow-up to 2020’s On the Trail of UFOs: Season 1, an episodic series created by Breedlove and LeGro and distributed by 1091. That series explored the long history of the topic and became one of the most-viewed, independent UFO documentary series in history, racking up nearly 10 million views on Amazon, alone. This new film goes far beyond the history of the subject, however, exploring modern-day accounts, with additional filming taking place as recently as early May. On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky is directed by Seth Breedlove and features Shannon LeGro who also narrates. The film will bow on most major VOD platforms on August 3rd.

Spoiler-Free Review:

Small Town Monsters have been making groundbreaking documentaries about supernatural creatures and cryptids for several years now with notable movies which we reviewed in the past including Bigfoot, MOMO (The Missouri Monster), and Terror in the Skies. If you have been following them and our site, you know that the UFO documentary has been on their mind for a long time, and not just because of the recent news about the UFO reports. This documentary is among the most scientific, research based and entertaining docu-tainment movies you’ll ever see about the UFO phenomenon. Please read on to know why!   

The documentary introduces Producer and host of into The Fray Radio, Shannon LeGro as the brilliant narrator. The filmmaker/documentarian Seth Breedlove also joins her as they both travel to the most famous places for the UFO sightings in the US for interviewing witnesses, authors, astronomers and even paranormal investigators. The narration, music, direction and writing makes the entire documentary feel like a thriller detective & paranormal investigation movie. It takes you on an adventure about the history and the current situation of the UFO sightings and paranormal incidents connected to the UFO phenomenon. Some of the best things about this documentary are the surprises you see through the information presented to the audience which will force even the skeptics to think and study the topics like why all the witnesses get visited by ‘Men in Black’ after they see UFOs, the possibility of Mothman & Green Monster being aliens, and many more interesting insights. 

  The documentary focuses on the real evidence and real witnesses instead of just the rumors. There is a mix of real life footage, short Interviews,  newspaper clippings, recorded evidence and the recreation of the witness accounts whenever required. We meet many prominent figures in the UFO investigation field and see famous places like Mothman Museum, The Green Monster town Flatwoods, Dolly Sods Wilderness, and towns like Charleston, Clarksburg, Wheeling, Davis, and many other places mostly based in the state of West Virginia, USA which seems to be the hotspot for all the extraterrestrial activities. The documentary teaches us about the history, geography and culture of each town in an interesting way besides discussing the UFO phenomenon.    

The pace of this thrilling documentary is perfect. The documentary has no mature content, so it seems like a great watch for all ages. At 1 hour 25 minutes runtime, there’s enough content to give you an idea about what is a UFO, why people are so fascinated about it, and even an idea about how to see the UFOs yourself as the movie ends on a high note with a visit to the Dolly Sods Wilderness by Shannon, Seth and the Team which provides some exciting findings!  

 In conclusion, Small Town Monsters’ ‘On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky’ is an entertaining, thrilling & educational documentary movie about the UFO phenomenon which is a must watch for the believers and skeptics alike! This is not only enjoyable but also informative when it comes to knowing more about the places, people and the culture surrounding the UFO phenomenon.   

Highly recommended!    

Releasing on major VOD platforms on August 3rd, 2021! Pre-order a DVD or Blu-Ray copy at

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