Interview Featuring Pete Woods & Casey Allen – From Voodoo Chille Comics! (Kickstarter Launches on August 13th 2021!)

We interview Pete Woods and Casey Allen, from the team behind the Voodoo Chille comic book series which has a campaign on Kickstarter live till Aug 31st & you can reserve the first 2 issues from there. We also reviewed the first issue and free preview is also available and from our review (for the 1st issue). Pete and Casey talk about their inspiration, experience with crowdfunding, advice for anyone interested in making an indie comic and much more! Please read on to know more about them and their work!

Synopsis of the Comic (Context)-


After the success of issue 1 (we were fully funded in under 12 hours!!!) the Zombie Horror/Heist/Black Comedy set in the Vietnam war returns. 

Issue 2 picks up where issue 1 left off and features an all-new story and art by the Skull Comix team of Casey Allen and Pete L Woods – Colour is provided by Anthony Wilson Go and joining us as a regular series cover artist is John Charles.

The voodoo deity of death Baron Samedi wants to shirk his responsibilities and ascend to paradise. Soldier Max Boukman unknowingly gets bestowed the power of death by the Baron and wrapped up in his machinations. 

When Max’s only friend London dies in conflict, Max discovers he has powers & brings London back to life.

Now London is a wandering spirit who is able to possess the bodies of the recently dead.

  • Can Max & London work together and escape to safety?
  • Can Max go against his destiny as the new embodiment of death?


More Pages available here- Click here!


Darsh: Q. 1) Thank you for being with us for this interview. Please tell us about yourself and your work so that new readers can get to know you better? 

Peter Woods: I’m Pete Woods I’ve been working in comics for around 10 years mainly doing the whole art process (pencils, inks & colours) but I have dabbled in writing as well. 

I’m one of those artists who say “I was drawing before I could write” which for me isn’t just talk. I was born really ill and had to have 5 major operations in the first 4 years of my life. This really set my education back and I had to work hard to catch up. Making art was my escape and my passion grew from there and never left. 

Casey Allen: I’m Casey Allen and I’ve been working in comics for about two years give or take. I’ve previously edited the Eynes Anthology, which was a horror collection of short stories, and I’ve done extensive work with the comic jam both as a writer and behind the scenes as an editor and organizer. I live in Alabama with my wife and two kids, and I really enjoy coming up with characters with complex internals lives and backgrounds for Pete to torture. 

Q. 2) What and/or who inspired you to start your comic-making journey? How did you learn the skills that helped make your comics so unique and of high quality? 

Pete: Thanks for saying that the comics look high quality that’s very kind of you. As I said I have always made art and as I grew older comics were my escape. I was a British version of a latch key kid and comics were my friend growing up. So it was natural for me to want to make them as i grew older. 

I studied 2D animation at university which was a great course. The UK didn’t at the time (and as far as I know still doesn’t) have a Comics Creation degree. Studying 2D animation was my way of learning the skills needed to become a comic artist. 

As for art inspirations, I guess my biggest art heroes would be Steve Dillion, Adam Hughes, Brian Bolland and John Byrne. 

Casey: I’ve never had any formal writing class or anything like that. I’ve been a comic fan since I started reading and I’ve always enjoyed the medium. As a kid I was really into writers like Howard Mackie and Ron Marz. When I came back into comics in my early twenties I was inspired by comic writers like Neil Gaiman, Moore, and Paul Chadwick. 

Q. 3) What were the challenges faced by you during the process of making your comics and how did you overcome them? 

Pete: The biggest challenge we have faced is the distance between the team with a writer in America, Artist in the UK, a Colorist in the Philippines and a letterer in Australia. Communication is key and so far so good. 

Casey: Yeah. Pete and I try to communicate every day, but we are still six hours apart. We’ve actually just recently come to the conclusion that 5 or six am while my kids are still asleep is a great time to catch up with Pete. 

Q. 4) How was your experience with the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and what according to you, made it a success? 

Pete: Thanks to Tyler James podcast Comixlaunch we were prepped ready to jump into the crowdfunding scene for our own project. Tyler really sets you up for success on his podcast and course. 

Casey: We really hit the ground running with issue one, and we are doing pretty admirably on issue two, even though the amount we are requiring is double. Kickstarters can be stressful. Pete fox an amazing job making sure that our tiers were explained thoroughly and concisely. Everything looked good on the site. The most stressful part is finding ways to get your book out there. 

Q. 5) What advice would you give to those who are thinking about creating an indie comic or working for a team that makes one? 

Pete: Be prepared to put all egos aside and be open and honest with communication….also don’t be a dick. 

Casey: What Pete said. We get along really easily. If I write something that he doesn’t like, we talk it out and find a solution. You shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells when you collaborate. We both want to make a good comic. Make sure you can get along with your team. Life’s too short to work with people you hate. 

Q. 6) What inspired you to create a military-themed comic and that too, in the horror genre? Would you like to explore other themes & genres? 

Pete: I reached out to Casey around 2019 and asked if he wanted to hook up on a project. He asked what the brief was and I said I wanted to create a homage to “Preacher” and “Neil Gaimen” and all the cool Vertigo books that he and I both got inspired by. 

A few months later Casey pitched an idea about Voodoo and War and it sort of evolved from there. 

Casey: Oooh! Ok, so what Pete said, but also the seed of that idea came from a woman that lived across the street from my late uncle Jerald. He was a Vietnam vet who served with the 101 Airborne Division during the height of the Vietnam conflict. When he came home he moved back to Mt Holly, NC across the street from a woman named Miss Fanny. We weren’t allowed to play in anyone else’s yard but Miss Fanny’s because she was tight with my grandma, but one interesting thing about Miss Fanny is that she was known all around the city as a voodoo woman. I remember she gave my grandma a gri gri bag that she then passed on to my mom, who still has it. I’ve always wanted to incorporate these disparate things into a story and working Pete has allowed me to do that and more. Wait till you see what we do later on down the line…

Q. 7) Do you have any future projects planned? Are you working on projects other than comics? 

Pete: I’m currently working on a one-shot for Barry Nugents “Unseen Shadows” universe and also a secret project based on a classic TV character. Along with that, I’m writing my first graphic novel “Zargon’s Revenge” 

“Zargon’s Revenge” is a book set in 1930’s Hollywood and involves a classic pulp hero similar to “Buck Rodgers” or “Flash Gordon” coming off the silver screen and rescuing tinsel town from the Bund. 

Casey: Pete and I have a few more tricks up our sleeves in regards to Voodoo Chile, a Holmes story, and a superhero story with a fun twist. I’m currently working on the script for a fun comic called Bigfoot Knows Karate with an artist named Dan Price. That should be dropping in a few months. Also, I’m always creating with the comic jam, and doing interviews with Spoiler Country

Q.8  When not working on comics, which hobbies or activities interest you? 

Pete: There’s a life outside of my day job and comics??? On a serious note I like to (as my wife calls it) “run through fields” in World Of Warcraft. 

Casey: Hehe. Hobbies. What hobbies? I have two kids. There’s no time for hobbies. 

Q. 9) Which comics and comic creators are your favorite and would like to meet or collaborate in future? 

Pete: I’d love to ink some comics drawn by John Byrne and also work on a book with Neil Gaimen or Scott Snyder. 

Casey: I’m really inspired by Neil Gaiman and Garth Ennis, as well as writers like Matt Kindt. I like my entertainment weird. 

Q. 10) What would you like to share about your current Kickstarter campaign?  Why are the Voodoo Chile comics worth reading and supporting on Kickstarter? 

Pete: We were inspired by war films such as “Full Metal Jacket” “Platoon” & “Apocolypse Now”  “Dawn of the Dead” the “American Gods” (TV & Book) and so many Vertigo comics like “Preacher” the “Sandman” and “Unknown Soldier” 

Voodoo Chile is just starting and it’s a great jumping-on point for the new reader as the Kickstarter gives you a chance to purchase both issues and offers the opportunity to bag original art and get drawn as a Zombie.

Casey: Ok, so I’m just some goober. You don’t know me from Adam and all I can offer is our story. That said, I think it’s a badass story. Pete’s gonna blow your mind with the art. The colors POP. Voodoo Chile is a fun story to read from a passionate team. If you like horror, or supernatural stories, this will be your jam. If you like war stories, there’s gonna be something there for you, too. Do you like action? Get your ass onboard.   If you like heartfelt romance stories with anthropomorphic cats… maybe not your jam, but we’d love for you to check it out anyway. We want this book to be something you return to again and again because the story was that fun.

Thank you for your time and for answering all of our questions!! We, from Everlasting Hauntings VT Team, wish you all the best for your current and future projects! 

Support & reserve your copies from the official Kickstarter page (only till Aug 31st) Follow us & Voodoo Chile Team for all the updates!

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