Full Short Film & Review: Don’t Fall Asleep by ACM Official!

 Don’t fall asleep, this is one nightmare you won’t wake-up from…

Imagine that you’re being interrogated and as the interrogator leaves the room, you fall asleep only to wake up in a strange place where there’s a spirit trying to strangle you.. That’s the story of this horror short film by ACM Official which is available to watch for free on YouTube!  

The horror short starts with a lady who is being interrogated because her boyfriend has been murdered and she is the prime suspect. Through a brief nap, she ends up in a dangerous and strange place where she tries to survive for her life!!

The vision, direction and editing of Alex Magaña is outstanding as it is not easy to make a short film with such a little amount of time and story but it feels extremely satisfying after watch it. The actress Katy Ford (Smiling Woman 5‘s patient) has played the role of the protagonist well, with fear reflected naturally. Justin Gubersky and Linda Paice as Detectives both show the much needed seriousness. Olivia Rand as the young girl at the end was a scary surprise. Jed Brian‘s cameo was effective due to his looks thanks to Cassondra Brian‘s awesome make-up efforts to make the scars looks real but I hope we get to see him more in future short films! Allie Settle‘s sound mixing is perfect! Music and cinematography is also top notch!

Overall, a scary, entertaining and interesting horror short about dreams and unreal consequences! Kudos to the team for pulling off an awesome short that delivers such a good entertainment and scares despite such a short duration and limited resources!

Highly recommended to watch! 

Watch for FREE here-


Writer. Director. DP. Editor – Alex Magaña

Sound Mixer. Production Assistant – Allie Settle

Make-Up Artist (Boyfriend) – Cassondra Brian


Girlfriend – Katy Ford

Nightmare Girl – Olivia Rand

Detective – Justin Gubersky

Detective 2 – Linda Paice

Boyfriend – Jed Brian

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