Free Short Film & Review: ACM Official’s FaceTime – Co-Written by Jed Brian & Starring Elizabeth Hadjinian, Lizet Upia & Mike Diaz!

This FaceTime call will be your last…

ACM Official’s short horror films explore a wide range of topics and they all come from different sections of horror. FaceTime is a horror short that shows the horror of seeing someone getting chased and attacked or possibly murdered while talking to them through a video call (FaceTime). It delivers fear in the best possible way!  

Our protagonist is enjoying a slice of pizza and video calling one of her friends who’s on the street. She observes a shadow behind her and asks her who is the person that’s behind her. The friend says she’s alone and then looks behind her to see a dark figure that starts chasing her. As the entire thing is going on, the video call is also not ended so our protagonist sees the fate of her friend. The static starts to appear on screen and she hears a knock on her door…   

 Both actresses and the antagonist played their roles perfectly. There’s genuine fear and emotion on their faces and body language. The production quality,  editing and direction are brilliant. It is like a mini Hollywood horror movie.. Writing by Jed Brian and Alex Magaña makes sure that no time is wasted and we get invested into the story from start to the end. The sound effects and music add to the horror effect, making it a great watch. There’s no mature content in this and the psychological horror is really good! Makes for a great watch for all ages (Some may consider teens and above).     

In conclusion, ACM Official has once again created a masterpiece that’s entertaining, scary, and well made. There’s so much effort put into this that you must watch it and the short being free to watch on YouTube gives you one more incentive to give it a try! Highly recommended!



Writer. Director. DP. Editor – Alex Magaña

Co-Writer – Jed Brian

Sound Mixer – Andrew Hughes

Sound Mixer – Oszkar Romé


Brittany – Elizabeth Hadjinian

Hannah – Lizet Upia

Villain – Mike Diaz

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