Goosebumps Slappyworld: Judy and the Beast #15 [Book Review]

Judy Glassman lives with her brother, Kenny, and father, Noah, in a village at the foot of Evil Rock. Every winter, Kenny accompanies their dad up to the mansion at the top of the mountain to assist the rich, eccentric Grendel family with their house repairs. But this year, Judy convinces her dad to let her come too. Judy has heard whispers about the Beast of Evil Rock — a half-human creature who stalks the crags. And she’s determined to find out for herself if it’s true. Will Judy discover the secret of Evil Rock before the Beast finds her first?


How would it feel to be left alone during the summer while your father and brother set out to repair someones house? While hearing rumors about a mysterious beast rumming the forest. Would you sneak up to see what’s all the talk about?

To keep it short, house repairs from wintertime is not always fun, especially when you got to travel so deep in the woods. That’s where the Bakers live, where everything is strict to a point. While parts of the home is cut off and should never be explored.

When shady teenagers turn up, threats, and other weird happenings occur. Would you want answers? But what if nobody is talking? What is really going on within the surroundings of nightfall, howls, and random people. I guess ones investigation for answers may lead to one that shouldn’t have been asked. Because who knows what would happen to you.

Pretty fun read by RL Stine. The images appearing in my mind while reading felt as if I could watch it as a movie or a tv episode. It had hints of what was to come, however it didn’t take away from the narrative.




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