Tormented Souls- Modern Horror Game Like Classic Resident Evil & Alone in The Dark! FREE Demo & Full Game Available Now!

Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series XS, Xbox One and Switch! Classic Survival Horror is back! As Caroline Walker, explore the terrifying halls of an abandoned mansion, in a hunt for missing twin girls – but you are not alone. Solve puzzles and face sinister enemies in deadly combat in this relentless nightmare. Can you confront your fears and uncover the secrets of Winterlake… or will you die trying?

Cinematic Trailer-

Check out the first 20 minutes of Tormented Souls, a new survival-horror game inspired by Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. With a fixed perspective camera and tank controls, Tormented Souls feels like a throwback to old survival-horror adventure games. You play as Caroline Walker, a woman investigating the mysterious disappearance of twin girls in a terrifying mansion. Warning: This clip does contain moments of nudity.

20 minutes of gameplay-

Steam Page (FREE DEMO Available)

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