Book Review: Cold Spell The Halloween Curse of Winterhill by Jeff C. Carter “Perfect Companion Book for Every Halloween For All Ages!”

Without spoiling, we review “Cold Spell: The Halloween Curse of Winterhill” by Jeff C. Carter which has been released on Sept 20th (Will be free from Oct 1st to 5th via Kindle!) , and is an awesome book to read during the first week of October and will enhance your Halloween preparations because it is a great story of friends who are determined to save Halloween from getting cancelled because of a snowstorm and stop an ancient Witch from destroying the town!


Cold Spell : The Halloween Curse of Winterhill is a spooky middle grade adventure from author Jeff C. Carter for kids and adults who love Halloween.

When a freak blizzard cancels trick-or-treating (based on a true event), a Halloween-obsessed nerd and his friends break the rules and go out, only to discover that a terrible curse has befallen their town. ‘The Year Without AHalloween’ is a fun, fast-paced story of friendship and supernatural adventure that will appeal to fans of ‘Hocus Pocus’, ‘Goosebumps’, and anyone who believes there is magic just beyond the red and orange veiled woods.

This book is packed with dark whimsical illustrations by Mexican artist Mariana Garcia Pizá. Her charming map of Summerhill shows a town on the verge of Halloween and all the places that the kids will go as they battle the Witch’s forces and attempt to break her curse.

There is a handy ‘Spookabulary’, a list of new words that every Halloween lover should know. The book also includes a Monster Manual featuring the unique creatures that serve the Witch, compatible for the D&D 5E and Tiny Dungeon RPG systems.

Spoiler-Free Review:

Cold Spell: The Halloween Curse of Winterhill by Jeff C. Carter feels like a perfect book to read for audience of all ages during the Halloween and Holidays season as there is a snowstorm that hits the town of Summerhill, New England and cancels the Halloween but our protagonists, who are a bunch of brave kids, still decide to go out for ‘trick or treat’ing. Little do they know that there’s a dark secret about the town. It’s up to them to save the town and stop the snowstorm ruining their Halloween!   

The humorous and endearing preface by Jeff C. Carter sets the mood for the entire novel as he describes the nostalgia and Halloween perfectly. It’s also a father’s perspective about his son hopefully becoming as passionate about Halloween as he was and still is. Then there’s a tale of 1647 about an incident related to a lady termed as a Witch that eventually comes to haunt the town and that’s the central point of the story which gets revealed when it’s Halloween in the story.      

After the scary Witch Hunt incident, the book tells us about the story of school friends who are passionate about Halloween and are preparing for it. We learn about school work, the costume contest dynamics about costy costumes, and general information about Summerhill town. There are some awesome references to the 80s, G. I. Joe, Superman and much more which make reading the book a joy. Once Halloween starts, we see how Snow made the nightmare of Christmas sabotaging Halloween in October come true. Determined about not letting Halloween get cancelled, our protagonists go out and then start seeing supernatural things happen. They face snowpeople, snow skeletons, giant snow golems, dogs, and the Witch that has a big bad plan for the town of Summerhill. Through the story, readers get to explore all important areas of Summerhill as shown in the map that is provided in the book. The book takes unexpectedly thrilling turns as we see our protagonists trying to survive the snow and supernatural entities that threaten the town. How they save the town is an enjoyable and action packed process that’s full of scares and fun!     

Spookabulary (vocabulary and words related to Halloween) is a nice list provided within the book and the words used in the book help make conversations super cool and humorous. Words like Christmas creep (Christmas being shoved down our throats way before December, even in October), LoWeen (Halloween landing on school days), Snolem (Snow Golems), etc. Are something you can also use to look cool in front of others this Halloween season! This book has no bad language, suggestive themes or violence. The thrills and everything is perfect for all ages.     Cold Spell 1 is like the best event companion book for Halloween as every chapter portrays a timeline before and during the Halloween season. The chapters are made in such a way that if you start reading the book from October 1st week, everything will be relatable and would feel real time. The book is enjoyable throughout the year but it’s a marvelous achievement and function of this book that it enhances your real life Halloween experience as the actions happening in the book are what you’d be doing in October too.    

In conclusion, Cold Spell The Halloween Curse of Winterhill by Jeff C. Carter is a Halloween novel that is like Halloween treats & Christmas presents combined for the readers of all ages! It successfully scares you, makes you laugh, sad, happy, nostalgic, and tells you that it’s our friends and family that makes Halloween or any other event special! This thought and the book are something you’ll cherish for a lifetime!    

Grab your copy and have a great Halloween and Christmas!! 

Amazon Page (Free from Oct 1st to 5th via Kindle!)

Release Details

Publication Date: September 20, 2021 – E-book and Paperback

Kindle: $10

Paperback: $9

Kindle Unlimited: Free

Audible: coming soon (with narrator Matthew Weisgerber)

Author Bio

Jeff C. Carter’s stories have been featured in dozens of anthologies, translated for international markets and adapted for podcasts. His love of Halloween, adventure and science continue to inspire his horror, action and science fiction writing. He is a member of the Samhain Society and a contributor for the Creepy Kingdom network. He lives in Los Angeles with a cat, a dog, a human and a child.

Connect with Jeff C. Carter:-

Website- / Facebook & Twitter: @carterwroteit                 

Amazon Author Page & Good Reads: Jeff C. Carter / Instagram: @Jeffc.carter

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