Comic Review: Werewoofs by New Paradigm Studios

The werewolf sub-genre of horror has been saturated with old tested stories but New Paradigm Studios’ Werewoofs puts a humorous twist to the werewolf phenomenon by introducing weredogs while still keeping the horror theme intact through a story that takes many surprising turns! Please read on to know why it’s a must own comic!   


In the small Midwestern town of Howlett, navigating high school is tough enough. But when a group of friends are inexplicably turned into weredogs, adapting to their new powers proves to be even tougher. This leads to an unlikely friendship with loner Mara, a werewolf whose father has mysteriously vanished. As the high schoolers team up to solve the disappearance, friendships are tested, and secrets are revealed as the Werewoofs prove themselves in an explosive showdown against a dangerous wolfpack and their vicious alpha.

Team behind the comic:

Writer: Joelle Sellner. 

Art: Val Wise 

Letters: Ed Dukeshire . 

Edited: Steenz

Format: Softcover,

full color 160 pages 

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Spoiler-Free Review:

As the comic starts, we see a wolf attacking and biting a man. Then the wolf becomes a girl who apologizes to the man, who is her father, Romy. Thus, we learn that Romy is training his daughter, Mara, and other werewolves from the town to be civil and control their form well. We are also introduced to a rebellious werewolf Zev, who hates the boring human jobs and life. Zev plays a big role in the story as Mara’s father goes missing. Zev wants the town to fear the werewolves again and commands every werewolf to follow his lead in doing various heists to rebuild the werewolf empire. Mara doesn’t like this as her father believed in peaceful relations with humans and also wanted werewolves to live an honorable life. This is all happening when she’s struggling with her school and making new friends..   

Mara’s school life is pretty boring and she doesn’t have many friends because of her quiet nature borne out of the feeling of being different from humans. This all changes when a new boy, Alvern, is transferred to her school. He tries to befriend Mara and struggles but eventually, they get along well thanks to some mutual friends made along the way. These students get together to study and also to discuss an incident that changes their lives. Mara’s human friends get bitten by some dogs and they slowly realize that they are turning into Werewoofs or weredogs. Mara tries to calm them down as she knows everything about shapeshifting well but humans turning into dogs is an amusing innovation even for her. We learn more about why and how this happens near the end of the story. Mara’s friends realize the truth about Mara being a born werewolf instead of being bitten like them. This causes them to dislike Mara and thus, they drift away for a while but then they all get into a big trouble. This happens as the werewolf heists are going on in the town, which are amusing and scary at the same time. The climax is amazing as we see talking dogs, werewolf action, a cameo by a talking cat and eventually an ending that feels absolutely satisfying. There’s even a hint of a possible sequel or a spin-off but everything about Mara’s story is perfectly answered here.    

The art of this comic makes it look like a beautiful animated series that is pleasant to observe. The lettering and editing both ensure that the story is neatly and perfectly presented. The writing keeps the story going forward with many interesting twists, turns and skillful character development. There’s humor, horror, romance, suspense, inclusivity, positivity and motivation in this comic. It has scary situations and love but there is no mature content or language used. Thus, it seems like a perfect thriller comic for all ages.      

In conclusion, Werewoofs is a beautifully made werewolf comic with a thrilling story full of endearing characters! This comic puts a dog twist to the werewolf story which makes it unique and thus, a must read comic book for all werewolf fans to see how effective talking dogs are in making a werewolf story even more fun!     

A must read comic for all ages!      

Releasing in December 2021- Official website Page

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