WytchWood | Unboxing Samhain Spells LE Box (2021)

Christina WytchWood Owner of WytchWood, Christina has always looked at the world differently, believing there is a bit of magick in everything. As a child she grew up in the forest of Vermont befriending all of the woodland creatures and casting spells with her stick wand. This was the backdrop to a world of imagination, wonder & witchcraft. Fast forward to 2019, WytchWood came as result of her conjuring up some kitchen witch magick by blending Maple Syrup tapped from the trees on her families property then infusing them with botanical extracts. She launched them shortly after in small handmade batches and sold out immediately inspiring an entirely new business that you all enjoy today!

Christina is Vegan and promote a cruelty free world view. She also donate heavily to Enchanted Farm Sanctuary, which you can too upon check out.

Shop Online: https://wytchwood.com/


  • Samhain Handmade Mug (Exclusive)
  • Fluorite Pendulum w/ Wooden Pendulum
  • Alchemy Apple Ritual Tea (Seasonal)
  • WytchWood Samhain Maple Syrup
  • Persephone Print
  • Samhain Spells Room & Linen Spray
  • Samhain Spells Soap

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