Book Review- The Book of Warlock by J.D. Oliva “X-Men meets the Purge” Action Thriller!

We review the action thriller novel- “The Book of Warlock” by J.D. Oliva! Out on Amazon as Paperback and Kindle/ebook!


Old friends. Better Enemies.

The US Military has finally developed the perfect weapon and it’s gone missing.

Desperate, they have reached out assassin Ethan Jericho to take out the man responsible: Crawford Lockhart.

Fifteen years ago, Jericho knew Lockhart by another name—Warlock. As Jericho’s former mentor, they were an inseparable team until Jericho ruined it all. Now, Jericho faces a heart-wrenching offer: kill Warlock, and the government will clear his record.

But when Jericho confronts his old friend, he discovers Warlock’s weapon is a five-year-old girl blessed with an unholy ability. And worse, Jericho isn’t the only one tracking them down.

Now Jericho finds himself in a race against a band of genetically engineered killers looking for a weapon of their own. Can Jericho keep the child safe before she falls into the wrong hands?

It’s “X-Men meets the Purge” in the latest entry into The Books of Jericho!

What are the Books of Jericho?

The Books of Jericho Series

 What if John Wick worked on The X-Files?

The Books of Jericho series spins off after the shocking conclusion of Harvest Moon. These stories focus on Harvest Moon’s breakout character, Ethan Jericho. Jericho is a modern-day ronin—an international assassin whose work often puts him in conflict with the supernatural.

In these four books, Jericho uncovers a conspiracy of a reptilian invasion, battles a doomsday cult for the missing pages of the Devil’s Bible, hunts for a serial killing mind-control worm, and is trapped in the icy tundra on the run from the savage Wendigo

Spoiler-Free Review:

Few novels can amaze you and make you feel like you just watched a Hollywood movie after you finish reading them. All of J.D.Oliva’s novels feel like that and this one’s a blockbuster superhero action thriller unlike anything you’ve read before!  Like the novel’s tagline says, “X-Men meets the Purge”, the novel titled The Book of Warlock (The Books of Jericho Book 6) is a sci-fi action thriller with mild supernatural horror elements which take you back into the story of a problem solver Ethan Jericho, who is struggling to run his Cherry Vale Security company managed by just one guy in Colorado Springs, CO, USA after 2020 outbreak and a few misadventures from his not so official work. He expected to retire from his unofficial work during the last novel “Sundown” but that didn’t happen and in this novel, an official from the US Army visits his home to ask for help to stop a man whom he didn’t meet for several decades but means a lot to him. This novel helps the readers to not only know the backstory but also learn a lot of life lessons from the interactions. That man is Warlock, Jericho’s former mentor who, according to the Army Lt. Drabek, Warlock is the biggest threat to the country because he allegedly possesses a Weapon of Mass Destruction in his Wisconsin farm…   

 Jericho took the job, not just because he needed the money but also because he wanted to ask his mentor what he did that caused the US Army to ask Jericho for help. Novelist J.D. Oliva explores the emotions, and situations very well as the things are humorous yet serious. We can learn a lot from how Jericho handles the problems and has a problem solver mentality. Jericho arrives at the farm and is obviously beaten and hung upside down by his former mentor. This is when the real fun begins… 

   Besides the cool alias name ‘Warlock’, Jericho’s former mentor, now in his senior years, Lockhart has a lot of cool things about him which we get to know through the flashback chapter that tells us how Ethan learned his morals and work ethics by accidentally becoming Warlock’s mentee when Jericho visited him to kill him. We also get to know why Jericho left Warlock and how Warlock has still kept doing good work as a retired wrestler turned private detective who helped many people while Jericho took a much darker route to help people. Besides Warlock, we meet 27 years old Mia Cruz who is with a 5 year old girl named Wendy, both of whom are at Warlock’s farm. This adds more layers to the story.     

Mia Cruz arrived at Warlock’s farm when she was just 17 and she had nowhere to go. Warlock helped her like a father, and allowed her to work with him as his assistant during his detective days. They both helped many children who had nowhere to go. But besides that, Mia also has a special power that makes her quite different from others. Talking about special things, a special character from J. D. Oliva’s popular novels Harvest Moon & Nightcrawler makes a return…     

Christopher “Chris” Shane, the only son of Jackson Shane, is in a better situation than he was in the past novels. After killing a werewolf, surviving a dangerous serial killer & a mind controlling alien worm, Chris has a girlfriend called Jamie, his mom cares for him after the traumatic Christmas werewolf incident from the Harvest Moon novel, and he now works an organization that tries to improve the lives of kids who don’t listen to parents by putting them in a rehab away from technology & cities. The work is pretty adventurous and feels noble but the organization itself has started to bother him as the work done by the top employees in the Alpha team isn’t disclosed to novices like him in the Gamma team. This all changes when he is promoted to Delta and then Beta after his boss, Chesum, notices his skills and quick thinking. Chris finds that the organization doesn’t just deal with unruly kids but also kids with superpowers… 

   After the big reveal and a grand promotion, Chris is tasked with a mission to save a kidnapped girl at a farm. That coincidentally brings him to where Jericho, Warlock and Mia are. Chris meets them in some unpleasant circumstances and the sourness continues for a long time till the climax of the novel. We also get to know more about Chris’ boss – Chisum, his backstory and his business. The central point of the story becomes Wendy as Chris is torn between whom to trust and what to do. Eventually, all parts of the puzzle fall into place. As we are reading the novel, we slowly realize J. D. Oliva has created a Jericho multiverse that spreads across the novels and brings enjoyment to the long time fans while not alienating new readers due to well placed short explanations of what happened before. The novel ends in an exciting way which is full of action, emotions, lessons, supervillain horror, and humor! The fans would be pleased to know that this novel’s ending also has a hint of what is in store for Jericho, Lt. Drabek and Warlock.     

This action thriller is well written and perfectly edited. There’s humor, horror, emotions, friendship, family, some violence, mild gore, and occasional use of strong language for humor or panic. Novelist J.D. Oliva’s experience and skills of writing as well as wrestling is beautifully reflected in this novel. Action sequences are professionally explained with often telling us about the exact Jiu Jitsu or Wrestling moves used. Description of real life situations and locations add a feel of authenticity to the story. Such quality of description helps make this novel an insightful reading experience.      

In conclusion, J. D. Oliva’s The Books of Jericho Volume 6 – ‘The Book of Warlock’ novel is an explosively entertaining combination of superhero action & real life thriller that delivers an exceptional reading experience! A brilliant novel that’s full of wisdom and entertainment.  While it acts as a great standalone novel, it is a much more enjoyable experience if you can read Harvest Moon, and all of the previous books from ” The Books of Jericho” series by J.D. Oliva. You will become a fan of J. D. Oliva and in turn, Ethan Jericho! 

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Connect with J.D. Oliva:

Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, J.D. Oliva has worn a lot of hats. His books include Hawk Hallow, Harvest Moon and the supernatural thriller series, The Books of Jericho. His comics, including Delgue, Red Sunrise and Shunned have won multiple awards. A co-host of the Superhero Speak podcast series, he’s also writes about professional wrestling in his free time.

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