Book Review: FRIGHTLAND #4 Donut Shop of Doom by R.H. Grimly

Without spoiling we review the horror book for all ages, “Frightland #4 Donut Shop of Doom” by Barde Press. Written by R.H. Grimly / Cover art by Steven Hake / Interior illustrations by David Romero


Something about the new donut shop and its seriously weird baker doesn’t sit right with Bridger.  When people start disappearing and a mysterious green light is seen in the back of the shop at night, it’s up to Bridger and his friend Sage to figure out what’s really going on before everyone is consumed by the deadly donut craze!

Donut Shop of Doom is the fourth book in the FRIGHTLAND series, chilling tales of terror for kids of all ages.

Spoiler-Free Review-

 “Our friends are compromised. They have eaten the donuts!!”

 Said Sage to our protagonist Bridger… It’s not healthy eaters vs sweet tooth army and while that aspect is there, the novel “Donut Shop of Doom” by R. H. Grimly showcases a sinister story that is scary, funny, and exciting on a giant scale! Read on to know why!

     Bridger is a kid who had no love for donuts. Especially chocolate donuts. He loved Apple fritters and thus demanded one when he made a visit to the town’s popular donut joint “Donut Love”. Toby, the attendant, said that there are no fritters but plenty of donuts. Then the owner of the shop named Howard Lovett met Bridger and told him to come early to get some fritters as they all ran out. Howard Lovett was smiling and grinning strangely so Bridger immediately left the shop and discussed the things with his friends…

       Bridger had a group of friends but Sage, Taylor and Angel were the ones who talked to him the most. They did feel that it was odd but dismissed his observations by saying that Mr. Lovett have been strange from the start. Bridger’s mother was a health conscious person and father played video games with him. Bridger went early and still didn’t find any fritters and he observed things getting stranger by each day..

       All of a sudden, one day his mother brought grocery donuts and his father disapproved of them while praising Donut Love donuts! The group of friends were also not interested in eating all the leftover donuts which were Bridger’s responsibility after his parents had a quarrel about the donuts. He started to wonder why everyone is so obsessed with Donut Love? From sweet lovers vs healthy eaters, it starts to become fritter lover Bridger vs the world that loves donuts from Donut Love. Then a disappearance shook the town and Bridger decided to investigate.

       The story continues to get interesting and provides adventure, action, twists and turns which you never imagined. Protagonist Bridger, his friends, Howard Lovett, Donut Love staff, police officer, and family all are made alive by the wonderful writing and character development by the excellent writing of R. H. Grimly for which his novels are so famous for. The novel is for all ages as the language and content is never too disturbing for kids yet the storytelling would be appreciated by even adults. The book’s cover by Steven Hake and the bonus artworks by David Romero inside the book are beautiful and scary. There is a bonus chapter featuring the 5th Frightland book (Once Upon a Slime) and a page that makes us think about the world and whether we are mass hypnotized by advertisements and brands! 

       In conclusion, R. H. Grimly’s “Frightland 4: Donut Shop of Doom” is a thriller/horror novel that’s scary, entertaining, humorous and enlightening about the phenomenon of trends or fashion. It’s a perfect addition to your collection of novels to read whenever you feel an urge to not only read something scary but also eat anything sweet, especially donuts! 

       Highly recommended! 

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That sound you hear upstairs… the chill running up your spine… the creature coming straight for you…

Welcome to FRIGHTLAND, a scary new middle-grade series inspired by the classic books we grew up on, featuring covers by artists like genre poster creator Flavio Greco Paglia and original 90’s Goosebumps artist Tim Jacobus.  


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The Author-

R.H. Grimly was born with a fortunately sinister name. He grew up on GoosebumpsWait Till Helen Comes, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and has one goal: to get kids excited to read, and scare them silly while doing it (okay, that’s two goals). 



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