REVIEW: FRIGHTLAND “The Bones at the Bottom of the Lake” by R.H. Grimly

Plot; Fiery lights at night and a ghostly figure at the end of the dock are making Jacie’s stay at a summer cabin on the lake eerie enough. But when her younger brother Cal pulls bones from the water with his fishing pole and a strange girl named Chloe warns them to put it all back, Jacie starts to wonder what’s really hidden at the bottom of the lake.

Now the Review

Upon first glance at the cover, I thought to myself. Hopefully this is good and not something like really cheesy, unless its cheesy in a good way. And once I started on the first page, I knew I was going to enjoy it.

Jacie and Cal are in nature on vacation with there parents, as they rented what sounded like a cheap getaway to a cabin in the woods. With messy dishes and other peoples belongings scattered everywhere.

Within the first couple chapters we tend to find a family that enjoys being outside all day. Whether you’re fishing, or outback sitting in the sun with a nice book to read. However there’s a strange girl coming around, shy she is.

As Jacie and Cal fish, its in the back of their mind that they’d ever stumble or “hook” pieces of bone from the bottom of a lake. Cal gets so excited he’s literally wanting to find more. Which, wouldn’t you want to call police to report bones? However according to their father, it must be animal bones. Boy was he wrong.

Once the haunts begin its up to Jacie and Cal to end the ghostly visions. And follow what the shy girl, introduced as Chloe has told them.

My final thoughts to wrap this up are two or three things, depending on how you’ll read these words. Not only did I find this read with a good pace, but its a nice ghost story touched with a very important lesson that needs to be reminded. Whether its adults teaching children, or adults teaching adults. And that is never disturb the dead. On top of never bring anything home from a place, as that too could be a cursed object.

Title: Frightland: The Bones at the Bottom of the Lake #3

Author: R.H. Grimly

Cover art by Flavio Greco Paglia, interior Illustrations by Dan Brown

Published by: Barde Press

Rating: 9.0/10

Recommend: Yes

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