Goosebumps Slappyworld: Slappy in Dreamland #16 [Book Review]

This is Slappy’s world — You only scream in it!

Richard Hsieh’s dad studies dreams, and one day, they decide to hook Richard’s new Slappy doll up to the dream machine as a joke. All of a sudden, Richard starts having nightmares of Slappy coming to life and wreaking havoc. But they’re only dreams, right? Except, when his cousin Willow comes to visit, she also dreams of Slappy. It’s impossible! But when Slappy threatens to invade more kids’ dreams, they’ll have to figure out how to defeat him before he becomes a dream master.


Upon reading within the first couple of pages, I swear that I had to double check the plot outline on the back of this book. It states that “Richard’s dad studies dreams.” However it reads the opposite, should be Richard’s mother. So I’m confused already on who’s suppose to be studying dreams from patients?

Another birthday part for twelve year old Richard, get’s a gift from his father as once again Slappy is magically going around as gifts a lot. Without fully describing how is Slappy able to get to one place to another, to once again become a birthday gift to (insert story and name) to be handed down to have something awful happening to the main kid.

I’m not trying to sound like I’m bashing this story, as it does have some solid parts that make the story quite interesting. It’s just how Mr. Stine sets up the “twist” as the Goosebumps Movie with Jack Black confirms on how he writes his stories. Beginning, Middle and the Twist!

No matter what Richard tries to do to stop Slappy from appearing wherever he goes, Slappy tries to become more dangerous as the tale goes on. Like the dream state when spending the night in a Zoo, that’s an excellent creepy scene. As if sleepwalking is bad enough, Slappy makes it much more interesting here.

In conclusion as a long time fan of R.L. Stine, it definitely feels like Slappy is becoming harder and harder to write stories for. Maybe if this icon didn’t get popular it would be a different take on stories. It’s kind of cliché near the end of the book, and even the twist for the ending has already been “announced”. I just hope Mr. Stine can try different scenes, holidays. I’d love to see a “Secret Santa” gone wrong. Or more of a “Haunted Object” story. Like I’ll mention again, one of my favorite stories from Slappyworld is Shudder Mansion. I know R.L. Stine has mentioned on Interviews, he’s tired of writing Slappy stories. So I hope soon enough that “Slappyworld”, will becoming to a conclusion soon. That way, Mr. Stine can work on other stories than just Slappy every other book in this current series.




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  1. Loved Goosebumps as a kid! Now, my 9 year old son has just finished reading my entire collection (I own 61), but he’s kind of grown to bigger books here lately.

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