[Movie Review] Don’t Go Eating at KILLER BBQ

PLOT; A local landmark BBQ stand becomes the focus of a dogged investigation by the tenacious new female deputy when she realizes that multiple people have gone missing from the small town. She teams up with one of the town locals whose family disappeared 30 years before; and it becomes quickly evident that they might not be able to trust anyone else in town as bloody mayhem ensues.

Director: Joe Betancourt
Writers: Joe BetancourtDaniel P. Coughlin
Stars: Rick Leo FosterSteven A. GarrisonJason Gary Garrison and more.

Before we cut (pun intended?) right into the Review of this fun, cannibalistic story ride. I just want to say we’ve had the pleasure of talking with writer, Daniel Coughlin on three occasions. Below you can listen to the chats we have had together.


As we begin we watch these fellow older gentlemen sit around a fire and discuss there time during the Vietnam War. What they had to do to survive, from being left behind from their platoon helicopter flying off. Possibly thinking they were dead, or to much firepower was being pressed upon that they felt they needed to evacuate.

From here we get introduced to new Deputy, Destiny Milton. Who has now taken over at the local police station since the old Deputy, got done. Which falls into the story later on, as to what exactly happened. Nobody seems to be able to crack it down, a few people that know what’s going on, take out the ones that are getting to close to the towns mysterious way. As we hear from the Sheriff himself to Deputy Milton, “I want to know what’s going on in my town.”

More characters come into play as we really dive and witness the flashbacks of a very particular moment. 30 years prior, and since then. This man is living a nightmare, while trying to stand up for his family to take down Killer BBQ. But it seems even with help, it’s just getting to close to comfort for two people. And as we witness a third person involved in the killings, brainwashing is an understatement.

All and all, this hour and twenty six minute film is a fun little ride. However at times, it does feel a little to dark. The acting is what you’d expect in a nice clever, not serious film. However it’s not bad enough to make you want to turn it off or even fall asleep. Maybe next time, think twice about going to your local BBQ stop if “Fresh Meat” is always on the menu every single day. But carefully investigate, or else you may end up on the menu.


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