Frightville: Don’t Let the Doll In #1 [Book Review]


The perfect dollhouse needs the perfect doll. So when Mara hears about a new store called Frightville, she can’t wait to check it out. On its shelves are strange and unusual gifts of all kinds. It’s there that she comes face-to-face with Charlotte, a small figurine of a friendly looking girl who instantly seems perfect for her needs.

But once Charlotte is home and in the dollhouse, strange things start to happen. There are odd noises in the night, and objects from Mara’s room start to go missing. Is Mara imagining things, or could this doll actually be haunted?


Dolls are absolutely creepy at times, whether you’re a kid or full blown adult. Well maybe not nowadays, but look up old vintage dolls and just these type of textures and styles can be unsettling at times. Another great example would be The Island of Dead Dolls.

Mara is a good example of trying to find the best doll possible to show off her dollhouse, that she built with her mother. The atmosphere author Mike Ford creates, nails it point on. As stories where Dolls are “expecting” makes it more terrifying for children.

Olivia who comes to stay over with Mara, triggers the plot by announcing what “could” be than what is. I’ll let “Don’t Let the Doll In” really explain. And it’s cool how this plays into a old grandfather clock as well, and the ending is satisfying to read to conclude this nice flow read.

If you’re looking for a different series to try, even though at this time only four books are in this series. It’s off to a good start. And currently, Mike Ford is set to release his new book. The Lonely Ghost out June 28th 2022.


  • Don’t Let the Doll In #1
  • Curse of the Wish Eater #2
  • Beware of the Ghost #3
  • Night of the Mask #4


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