Frightville: Curse of the Wish Eater #2 [Book Review]


Frightville is a store with a toy for anyone’s wish list. Or so it seems…
David’s new chattering teeth toy was advertised as a Wish Eater: “Able to grant any wish!” But after annoying siblings are wished away, can they be wished back?


Max’s family is quite big. Besides a mother and father, he has two twin sisters, and two brothers. But when these pair of teeth is discovered from “Frightville” Shop. Anything can go wrong if not careful.

Annoyed by all the chaotic siblings, he wished to become the only child. After two days afterwards, Max is desperately trying to figure out how to undo whatever has caused. However it probably wasn’t a good idea to wish the Wish Eater away from ever buying it.

Now one of Max’s friends, Tamyra. Bought the toy, and has made a wish of her own, but as her day goes on, Tamyra and Max hide in a janitors closet to hopefully undo their wishes.

From here, more changes, and even bigger changes occur. To bad the shop owner didn’t have a instruction guide of what and what not to do, especially when adding two wishes together.

At the end of the book. Mike Ford takes us on a cool Sci-Fi yet Horror title of wishes. Its a great book to nod the saying, “be careful what you wish for” However something’s are worth changing just a bit, right? It was a fun read and I hope the Wish Eater isn’t around your house. Because you might not notice if someone changed anything.

If you’re looking for a different series to read. Give Frightville a try today! And currently, Mike Ford is set to release his new book. The Lonely Ghost out June 28th 2022.


  • Don’t Let the Doll In #1
  • Curse of the Wish Eater #2
  • Beware of the Ghost #3
  • Night of the Mask #4


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