Frightville: The Haunted Key #3 [Book Review]


When Sofia buys a cool skeleton key from creepy store, Frightville, it quickly becomes her favorite possession. It seems to open any lock she tries it on — even the rusted old lock on the attic in her new house.

But opening that door seems to have magically opened a door into the past. A past that Sofia starts to think should have stayed locked up.

The Review

Ghost stories are one of the type of medium that always flies my eyes to the screen or pages. And sometimes in reality, as I to once investigated the unknown. Mike Fords “The Haunted Key” part of Frightville, is just another example. Like previous Review by R.H. Grimly that has a nice message inside of the story, even though he wasnt writing as a theme. (Interview with. R.H. Grimly coming soon…)

History teaches us one thing, if we don’t learn from it. It tends to repeat itself right? Unfortunately for Sofia, and her curisosity got the better of her. Not top of the “Frightville” Shop that plays and awful lot like, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Sardos Magic Mansion.

Sofia and her father arrive in Sorrows Hollow, to start fresh and build their own Bed and Breakfast. However the building they required has some dark history to it. According to Jack, the librarian. It was known back in 1877 as the Fever House, where anyone that contacted Scarlett Fever was houses and sometimes died.

After investigating more from the old owners, it was up to them to find out what exactly happened that the public didn’t know. And shine light on 12 children victims that may not have died from the dreadful fever.

As the conclusion unfolds, Mike sets the mood with quite a happy ending. And its just the right touch of sadness as well, because Sofia also met a ghost. But he’s here for reasons best left for the story to tell. And I hope you check out Sofia story.

If you’re looking for a different series to read. Give Frightville a try today! And currently, Mike Ford is set to release his new book. The Lonely Ghost out June 28th 2022.


  • Don’t Let the Doll In #1
  • Curse of the Wish Eater #2
  • Beware of the Ghost #3
  • Night of the Mask #4


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