Frightville: Night of the Mask #4 [Book Review]


Ben has just been invited to the birthday party of the year. The only catch is that you have to come in costume.

Luckily, Ben knows just the place to buy the perfect mask — that cool new store Frightville. It sells all sorts of spooky and one-of-a-kind items.

But when Ben puts on the mask he finds at Frightville, suddenly he has the ability to see strange and ominous creatures lurking all around him. Is it his imagination, or are they real?


Tucker is a boy that fortunately has some accident happen that he travels by wheelchair, although we never learn what happened to this poor kid, he tries his best to look at each situation as a whole. Rather than feel “in the way”.

Sashia invites Tucker to her parents “Mansion”. Known also as Stormwatch House. Tucker doesn’t seem like mentioned above like its a good idea, however Sasha assured him that there’s plenty of ramps and elevators to travel around. Now all Tucker needs is mask, because the birthday party requires it.

Again the store “Frightville” re-emerges which all previous books connect to one little town in this universe. Which this town can be anywhere.

Upon arriving for the party, after Tucker and his mother checked out the shop. Tucker found a mask, shaped like a bat, and supposedly wearing the mask. Tucker or whomever the wearer of the mask has it on, could see things the naked eye could not. Which leads to a stoabout these small people, known as Grelkin’s.

Stuff starts to fly and become ruined as the story unfolds, and of course there’s a way to stop these Grelkins, but for how long?

My final thoughts are a couple things. One, who is this Mike Ford Author, as none of these books even have a “About Author” section. He will remain a mystery. Unless you’re Mike Ford, and in which case I hope you reach out. Two, Frightville has some cool stories, even though it lasted four books. Maybe in the near future, four more will be added to this series. Three, in conclusion if you’re a fan of cryptids and the lore behind small people. This should be right up your ally, and with that being said ty for reading.

If you’re looking for a different series to read. Give Frightville a try today! And currently, Mike Ford is set to release his new book. The Lonely Ghost out June 28th 2022.


  • Don’t Let the Doll In #1
  • Curse of the Wish Eater #2
  • Beware of the Ghost #3
  • Night of the Mask #4


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