[Comic Review] Grimm Tales of Terror: The Bridgewater Triangle TPB

Massachusetts locals know that the Bridgewater Triangle is the site of many paranormal occurrences. It is said to be filled with giant snakes, sightings of UFOs, evil vengeful creatures, and even ghostly hauntings. As six college freshmen are soon to find out, some of the legends contained within the borders are anything but…and making it out of the triangle proves to be more difficult than finding your way in. 

Be sure to check out this brand new terrifying tale set within the Tales of Terror universe, redefining what you’ve come to expect from a horror story, in Tales of Terror: The Bridgewater Triangle! 

This Review Includes ALL three Issues.

Issue #1

Issue One starts off with a group of six friends heading inside the Hockomock Swamp. Because their wanting to find the truth within, well maybe… Danny really wants to find himself face to face with witnessing the unknown inside The Bridgewater Triangle. Pukwudgies are scattered throughout the camp. And soon two of them will be wishing they probably stayed home.

As Jeff and Terry explore the woods themselves, and after the story that was shared to them brought up the Cults, or Occults. They found an abandoned village and talked about setting up their own community or “cult” themselves. However it seems like this place has already seen the likes of such rituals, as the sound of Pukwudgies seem close. They retreated into a building, only to find themselves inside with one.

Issue #2

The second story. tries to bring in the tale of the Asylum where Doctor Burroughs, is said to create his “Masterpieces”. Followed up with the ever calm nurse, proud of her killings. Jolly Jane. Blake, Sam and Rachel wander through the woods after having a “Bridgewater Triangle” of there own with a tent. Which upon them hung mysterious items of such. Wishing that Danny, was with them and missing out on the discovery. A few steps later, the Asylum that was suppose to be torn down is staring right at them on top of the hillside.

At this point in time, you should know that this place has seen better days. Before the bad events walked through the halls. However it doesn’t take long for these three to stumble upon someone, only this time. After the reveal, it becomes a cat and mouse game. Fight or flight is the key to survive this tale.

Issue #3

The finale comes full circle. As Danny, who’s been anxious to find Cryptids is thrown into a time loop which combines all the stories he mentioned. Witnessing first hand of events of 1977, Bigfoot and more that he has mentioned.

What makes this more disturbing is the fact, he is also witnessing the friends getting there demise. If only he could try saving them, or maybe if he didn’t come near this haunted bizarre location. They all could have lived their lives, longer than what these stories have shared for them all.

In Conclusion of completing. We get one more bonus story, the take on what happened with the tribe of the settlers betraying and stealing the piece of relic that is supposedly the reason why this area became cursed.

The artwork is fantastic, bringing the Bridgewater Triangle to life in a comic eye.

However, as much as I would have liked this better. I think adding as much as they did, while tying all three issues into a big story that connects. I feel it should have been a little longer. Letting the writers explore more of the theories mentioned, then bringing them all together. Maybe Zenescope will add other story into this Grimm Tales of Terror: The Bridgewater Triangle again, allowing different evidence to shine on and make a five issue take on a new perspective. Or maybe, Zenescope could make a comic story based on the Vermont legends. Known from local author, Joseph Citro as, “The Bennington Triangle”.

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