Run! Movie Review

Run is a 2020 American psychological thriller film directed by Aneesh Chaganty and written by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian. The film stars Kiera Allen as a disabled homeschooled teenager who begins to suspect that her mother (Sarah Paulson) is keeping a dark secret from her. The film runs for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Initial release was October 8th 2020

The film opens up with Diane Sherman (Sarah Paulson) being brought to the NICU after her daughter, Chloe is born prematurely. You see Diane looking at her daughter through the glass a tiny baby girl inside in incubator. Diane asks the hospital staff you see behind her in the background “will she be okay?” Her question of concern for her daughter’s life is followed by silence. screen fades to black. Next we see five different medical conditions with their descriptions pop up onto the screen Arrhythmia, Hemochromatosis, Asthma, Diabetes and Paralysis.

17 years later showing Diane in a support meeting for parents who home school their children. While everyone else seems emotional over their kids leaving home; Diane seems composed; showing no signs of being upset like the other parents. reassuring the group she’s fine and that Chloe’s leaving for college isn’t set in stone as they haven’t received notice of her acceptance yet. That she doesn’t have to worry about Chloe.

We see 17 year old Chloe getting up from her bed into her wheelchair getting ready for the day using a variety of different medications that I assumed were for her health related conditions. As we see rashes all over her as a sign of one medical condition. Diane seems like a good attentive mother at first. After seeing her saying goodnight to Chloe; we see Diane sneak away to disappear into the basement of the house with a bottle of wine and a glass sitting down to watch old home movies of Chloe when she was little.You see Diane’s demeanor change like something shifts within her like something sinister is beneath the surface of her character? The next day Diane come home with groceries; Chloe goes to sneak some chocolates from the bag when she isn’t looking. Chloe soon discovers a new medication bottle while searching her mother’s name appearing on the label. You can see Chloe question the bottle like she’s thinking to herself “why would my mother need medication?”

You start to notice things after that discovery. Diane brings Chloe new medication that night which happens to be the medicine she suspected for her mother. She questions it and mentions it to her mother like ” I thought this was yours” Diane’s response “why would you think that its mine?” Chloe always seems to be honest with Diane throughout the film with things she tells her she found the bottle while looking for the chocolates. Diane says goodnight Chloe hesitates at first but ultimately takes the new medication.

Chloe goes digging for answers

Chloe starts to dig for information about the new medication her mother put her on when she notices the label has been changed now showing Chloe’s name on the bottle and not her mother’s anymore. She goes from obtaining the information anyway she can. She tries the internet one night while she believes her mother is sleeping only to find the internet is “down” not working when she goes to search for answers. That to me would be a red flag like something isn’t right couldn’t be just coincidence the internet isn’t working? when I’m trying to find out what this medication is. Meanwhile Diane is in the kitchen sitting in the shadows watching Chloe. Creepy. Chloe even tries to trick her mother into bringing her into town so she can sneak away to the pharmacy to talk to a pharmacist while being at the cinema watching a movie. Which that backfires horribly for Chloe. she gets her answers about the medication which causes her to panic learning the truth of them; her mother discovers shes not at the cinema anymore.

Things then escalate once Chloe discovers shes been locked into her room she has to figure another way out her being wheelchair bound doesn’t make this an easy task. I will say her ingenious way of maneuvering around when she doesn’t have use of her legs or chair is remarkable. She manages to find a way outside seeking help from the mailman. Which that doesn’t end well. I feel bad for this guy I’m not going to tell you what happens to him. All I’m going to say is it isn’t good.

Diane with Mailman before unfortunate events befall him.

Diane gets Chloe back to their house only to lock her in the basement chaining her wheelchair so it can only go so far. Just out of her wheelchairs reach theres a box with her mother’s name on it. one of those types of shoeboxes people use for memories or keepsakes. What Chloe finds within it’s contents are horrific and turns her entire world upside down. Diane soon discovers that Chloe has learned some things about her mother. Which threatens their existence together; Diane frantically tries to reason with Chloe. Unable to do so Chloe barricades herself in the closet looking for any means to escape. The way she chooses lands her in the hospital. You’ll have to check out the film yourself to fill in the blanks and to see how it truly ends.

What did Chloe learn about her Mother?

In conclusion my final thoughts for this film I thought it was done very well. I love Sarah Paulson as an actress. She was brilliant as Diane Sherman. I loved her in American Horror Story Series, Ratched to name a few along with various other roles she’s portrayed as well. She just knows how to portray the good, bad and the ugly. Also hats off to Miss Kiera Allen (Chloe) for not only portraying a wheelchair bound character in the film turns out she is also wheelchair bound in real life. Talk about giving authentic feel to the character and the role she portrays. Bravo Miss. I enjoyed the atmosphere for this film as well gave unsettling isolation vibes that makes you question everything. Overall it was just very well done as a rating I give it a 8.5/10. I wish maybe we had a little bit more of a backstory for Diane to better understand why she was the way she was. Maybe that was just her mystery?

I recommend you check it out for yourselves. Let me know what you think of it; I watched it on Hulu. I Hope you enjoyed my movie review of Run.

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