The Call Movie Review

The Call is a 2020 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Timothy Woodward Jr. and starring Lin ShayeTobin BellErin Sanders, and Chester Rushing. The film was written by Patrick Stibbs. The synopsis for this film is: In the fall of 1987, a group of small-town friends must survive the night in the home of a sinister couple after a tragic accident brings them to the couple’s door. Runtime for this film is 1 hour and 35 minutes. Release Date October 2, 2020.

Trailer for The Call
The Group of Unfortunate Souls: Chris, Tonya, Zack and Brett

So it opens with a classic 80’s theme music at a high school with Chris being the “new fish” as Tonya calls him at the school. Everyone believes that Edith Cranston (Lin Shay) is a witch; after Tonya’s sister; Laura goes missing the last place she was known to be was the Cranston Daycare. So after Laura’s disappearance Edith loses her license. Locals would play horrible pranks on Edith tormenting her over the years everything from slashing her tires to flooding her basement leaving flaming human feces on her porch etc. So when Tonya befriends Chris into following her with a couple of friends Zack and Brett to the Cranston residence to play yet another prank of smashing windows of her home with rocks. They are confronted by Edith she tells them no matter what they do to her she will not be driven from her home. Edith then notices a heart shaped pendant around Tonya’s neck her eyes well up with tears as she asks Tonya where she got the necklace from. Edith’s question left unanswered by Tonya she replies instead with “we won’t stop until you leave or die.” “I’ll see you in hell!” to which Edith replies; “I’ll save you a seat”.

Edith confronting the group
Edward and Edith Cranston

We see Edith inside her home with her husband Edward (Tobin Bell) she is very much upset and despite Edward’s best efforts to soothe her he is unable to prevent what befalls Edith next. Word gets around soon the group of teenagers who tormented Edith that night find out that Edith is dead. She has taken her own life. Soon after Edward calls each of them one by one to come to The Cranston residence. They all show up together as group wondering why Edward has called them all there. Edward loves Edith more than life itself and will do anything for his wife. It becomes apparent that each one of them are tied into Edith’s last wishes. They must make a phone call to Edith which a phone is buried with her; stay on the phone with her for 1 minute if they are able to do that rewarded with $100,000. If they choose to back out of the deal face the consequences of the authorities. Edith had left a suicide note behind mentioning each of their names which Edward will take to the police should they not follow through with the last wishes of Edith.

From Beyond The Grave She Calls..

One by one the must ascend the stairs to the study to call Edith in the order that Edward gives Zack, Brett, Chris and lastly Tonya. They each go up to make their 1 minute phone call to Edith; in doing so get pulled into Edith’s world forced to face their own personal hells. Who will make it out alive if anyone? Where did Tonya get that necklace? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Vengeance from beyond the grave..

So here’s my final thoughts for this film before I even saw this film I was wanting to see it. I was super excited for a horror film with Lin Shay and Tobin Bell in it together. I am a fan of both of them as actor and actress. I enjoy their work in the film industry. They just have this energy about them that’s just awesome. So I was like “YES FINALLY” when I heard about The Call. So going into this film I enjoyed the acting of both Tobin Bell and Lin Shay. The atmosphere was good; I enjoyed the Cranston residence as far as atmospheric vibe goes. The music was fitting for the ambiance too. While I was absorbing the rest of the film I couldn’t help but feel that I have seen something like it before? Like I’ve seen a similar story lacking originality. While I loved Lin Shay And Tobin Bell in this which is what saved it from being completely lack luster to me. I would of loved to of seen scenes of Tobin Bell with Lin Shay enacting revenge on the group of unfortunate teens together. In conclusion if you are a fan of Tobin Bell and Lin Shay I recommend you watch it ; it’s the only film so far that has both of them together. You can watch it on Shudder, Vudu, Prime video and Apple tv. I hope you enjoyed my review of The Call.

“You’re in my world now.” – Edith Cranston

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