The Sonata – Film Review

The Sonata is a 2018 Mystery thriller film directed by Andrew Desmond from a screenplay written by Desmond and Arthur Morin stars Freya TingleySimon AbkarianJames FaulknerRutger HauerMatt Barber and James Kermack. It’s release date in the United States was January 10, 2020. It grossed $146,595 at the box office.

The Story Synopsis: A gifted musician (Freya Tingley) inherits a mansion after her long lost father (Rutger Hauer) dies under mysterious circumstances. She discovers his last musical masterpiece riddled with cryptic symbols that unravels an evil secret.

Official Trailer for The Sonata
Richard’s Masterpiece

The Film opens up with a man in his office finishing up what appears to be a musical score. We do not see his face at first: instead we are seeing things as if through his eyes in first person perspective. The Man takes hold of a gas can and candle walking outside of his home; pouring gasoline all over only to set himself on fire ending the scene.

We meet Rose (Freya Tingley) playing her violin practicing in a studio. When Charles Vernais her manager arrives with unsettling news about her father Richard Marlowe (Rutger Hauer) whom she is estranged from. Having left her and her mother when Rose was only 14 months old. His last wishes so to speak; was that he left his home in France and all copy writes of his musical works to his daughter Rose.

Rose looking looking at the portrait of her estranged father Richard.

Rose doesn’t appear to care to have any attachment to her father of any kind. Insists upon making her own way in the musical world without anyone having knowledge of who her father truly is. What some would call a savior in the musical world bringing new sound to classical music. He was eccentric and famous for it. He left behind an envelope inscribed with her name containing a singular skeleton key. Rose decides to go to her father’s mansion in France this place at first glance is incredibly beautiful. What horrors lay within?

Upon her arrival Rose meets Meredith her father’s housekeeper speaking briefly about her father. Rose goes on exploring the house having found her father’s office she finds what the skeleton key given to her goes to; a drawer in his desk containing a gift for Rose. His final masterpiece Violin Sonata Op. 54 written solely for Rose to play with her Violin.

A Gift Left for Rose By Her Father Violin Sonata Op. 54

There is something very strange about this musical score though riddled with various cryptic symbols throughout the sheet music. Almost as if to be deciphered for the piece to be truly brought to life. Think of it as a sort of twisted scavenger hunt for these symbols. Where could they be? What will happen once it’s deciphered? Meanwhile Rose’s manager is doing some research for her looking into the strange symbols and what the true meaning behind them is. Meeting with a former acquaintance of Richard Marlowe; Sir Victor Ferdinand proceeds to tell him what the purpose of the symbols in the Violin Sonata Op. 54 mean. These cryptic symbols are tied to The Four faces of evil ; A means to conjure and seduce the Devil with the melodic sounds of music. Rose and Charles go in search of these symbols which are found everywhere around Marlowe’s mansion and grounds. Each one slowly unraveling the dark secret of his hauntingly beautiful melody.

Rose and Charles deciphering the mystery of the of the Violin Sonata Op. 54

In conclusion because I don’t want to give the ending away. I enjoyed this film it was very well done despite it not having subtitles as an option in it’s current DVD form. Which I like to have the option for them. The Atmosphere was ominous in a good way it was wicked, dark and lovely in all it’s Gothic splendor. I LOVED the music for this film everything about it full of passion and wickedness. It truly set the tone. I am a fan of Violin/classical music after all. It strikes a totally different chord in me. I was pleased to see the late Rutger Hauer (January 1944 – 19 July 2019) in it; I am a fan of his acting. Some of my favorite films he starred in were (1982) Bladerunner, (1986) The Hitcher and (1992) Buffy The Vampire Slayer to name a few. He was brilliant in any role given to him. Even though his role in this film he was more of a ghost it left a haunting impression nonetheless.

Richard Marlowe (Rutger Hauer) appearing as a ghostly vision.

My Final thoughts are I recommend you watch this film it’s worth it. Has a good cast, great atmosphere, haunting soundtrack that stays with you long after you hear it. If you ever come across sheet music with strange cryptic symbols amongst the musical notes would you decipher the melody? Do you dare play the melody?

Rose Fisher (Freya Thigley) Film Poster Art
Here’s my favorite piece Violin Sonata Op.54 Enjoy 😉 Play at your own risk.

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