Book Review: BLACK DOG – The Wolf Stone Saga Vol. 3 by J. D. Oliva

We review the action thriller novel by J.D. Oliva called ‘Black Dog’ which is a part of The Wolf Stone Saga. Now available to reserve and obtain from the IndiGoGo campaign till June 13th 2022!

About The Wolf Stone Saga:

What if Katniss Everdeen stepped into the Marvel Universe?

If you’re a fan of action-packed superhero comics and mind-bending supernatural thrillers, you’ll love THE WOLF STONE SAGA!

Jennifer Greywolf was an ordinary nineteen-year-old girl until her mother died of inoperable cancer. After the funeral, Jenn discovered a small stone bound to a leather band, kept in a shoebox under her mother’s bed. The moment she touches the stone and blast of pink energy destroys part of the wall. 

While trying to learn the history of this strange talisman, Jenn learns the father who died before she was born was once the armored superhero known as Silverwolf. However, everything she’s read about the Silverwolf says he died fifteen years before she was born.

Now Jenn is on a quest to learn more about the father she never knew and the strange artifact he left behind. Her search pulls her into a bizarre world of masked vigilantes, demonic wizards, genetically-altered paramilitary soldiers, and mystical realms outside her own. 

Jenn races across the globe and into the netherworld to stop an unspeakable evil. Will she accept her role in this mysterious new world or run from the coming darkness trying to obliterate all of existence?

Official Synopsis:

Their family’s darkest secret has returned. Can she stop a phantom killer before it’s too late?

A ghostly serial killer is murdering the city’s social elite and he’s tagging Jennifer Greywolf’s name in his victim’s blood. With the police on her tail, Jennifer and her partner, the Widowmaker, race against time to stop the Black Dog Killer.

But when Jennifer learns the targets are members of a secret society pledged to destroying existence, she’s forced to confront the terrifying truth behind the Black Dog’s identity. Her quest to learn the Greywolf family history puts her at odds with her best friend.

Can Jenn stop the Black Dogg or will she embrace her family’s dark side?

Black Dog is the breathtaking third book in The Wolf Stone Sage. If you like dark plots, mighty foes, and seismic battles, then you’ll love this epic thriller!

The Wolf Stone Saga Theme Song (Listen while reading these books, and now, this review!)-

Spoiler-Free Review:

Supernatural and superhumans rarely work together but J.D. Oliva’s The Wolf Stone Saga is an excellent example of how magic, horror and superpowers can be told without confusing the readers.
     The Wolf Stone Saga has Jennifer Greywolf as the protagonist, with her family’s Wolf Stone or talisman giving her special powers but also a lot of trouble because the stone is precious in the eyes of evil people as well. Surviving as a child, fighting as a teen and now thriving as an adult, Jennifer has been through a lot since her birth. In this novel, Jennifer gets involved into a murder investigation and thankfully she is not alone. Bryan Fox helps her.
    Jennifer finds that the things are complicated and there are many more people involved in the plot to steal her family’s stone. Now, besides people trying to have world domination, Jennifer has to worry about a cult, and a voice that she starts hearing. It is slowly revealed who the voice is and what the intentions are but all of this helps Jennifer to know much more about her family’s werewolf history and her supernatural heritage.
      Murder mysteries, masked superhumans and supernatural beings from other dimensions are some of the challenges she has to overcome during her investigation. Brian Fox and Jennifer Greywolf funnily get called “Wolf & Fox Detective Agency” by Dana O’Brien, an independent journalist whom the readers met in the successful novels by J.D. Oliva- Harvest Moon, and Devil’s Prayer.
     Besides Dana O’Brien, there are references to some names and events from the Books of Jericho novels and also the Harvest Moon. This links the Books of Jericho and other novels to the Wolf Stone Saga,  which made me pleasantly surprised as the universe created by J.D. Oliva starts to make this series even more exciting. The storytelling style of The Wolf Stone Saga continues as we see the story of Jennifer happening in 2021 and also of John Greywolf happening in 1945. With many other chapters showing us perspectives of other characters, including antagonists and victims.
    The novel has horror, superhuman action, humor and some life philosophy too. I loved small details added by J.D.Oliva like the Native American identity discussion, the importance of life and feelings of those who lose their loved ones due to a tragedy. For example, John Greywolf tells a Detective this about the importance of life when that Detective feels like everyone’s life is meaningless- “This isn’t good, kid. This life might be crap, but it’s the only one we got. Trust me, I’ve walked on the other side. This is better.” So, this thriller novel is much more than just an entertaining book. J.D. Oliva has also added his wisdom to it. This is why there are so many fans of J.D. Oliva’s books. This novel is great for teens and above because it doesn’t have anything explicit except some violence, horror and mild language.
  In conclusion,  J.D. Oliva’s Black Dog novel from The Wolf Stone Saga is an entertaining, scary, and action-packed treat for those who love horror, superheroes and some good humor too! This 388 paged novel is totally worth your time and money. Highly recommended!

Now available from IndiGoGo crowdfunding campaign till June 13th 2022! Please click here to visit the campaign and reserve your copy! Exclusive bundles and bonuses are also available! Follow J.D. Oliva for future updates!

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Connect with J.D. Oliva:

Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, J.D. Oliva has worn a lot of hats. His books include Hawk Hallow, Harvest Moon and the supernatural thriller series, The Books of Jericho. His comics, including Delgue, Red Sunrise and Shunned have won multiple awards. A co-host of the Superhero Speak podcast series, he’s also writes about professional wrestling in his free time.

J.D. Oliva Official website

J.D. Oliva’s FaceBook

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J.D. Oliva’s BookBub

J.D. Oliva’s Amazon Page

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