Horror Comic Review: A Lungful of Brine : Nautical Horror Anthology

Take a deep breath, it might just be your last. A Lungful of Brine is a 92-page comic collection featuring 5 nautical horror stories.  From demon fisherman to haunted conch shells, this book will pull you in, drag you under, and leave you gasping for air.

Made by 9+ creators from around the world. We share why this is a must read and a must support on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform (Available till July 6 2022 9:55 PM UTC +04:00 )

Spoiler-Free Review:

 Horror has many forms. People fear many different things. Fear of water & deep ocean full of unknown is rattling, especially among those who can’t swim. Just imagine what if you combine this fear with the paranormal? The result is breathtaking and entertaining horror comic anthology- A Lungful of Brine: Nautical Horror Anthology by Dan Tappan.

  The horror comic anthology (92 pages) starts with the scary story of “The Angler” about fishing and a fisherman’s luck which leads a young man to a diner where he gets some work for food that seems too tasty to be true. So is the offer. A great twist in the end that turns the tables! “Whispers from the Deep” story is about a shell that gets discovered in the belly of dead whale found on a beach. A  man brings home that shell and his kid starts to play with it but then he starts acting in a weird way. What’s the secret of the shell? The story has a great ending to it. Super adventurous.

   Mermaid fans have something to cherish in the story called “The Man & The Mermaid“. It’s a beautiful story of love that takes a sad turn thanks to greed. It’s like a lesson for the readers who love to keep giving just to make someone happy. The real question is, do they deserve it? I was pleasantly surprised to see such a story with a deep meaning. The ending is super scary and unexpected!  “First Contact with Pod X” is an adventurous and most realistic of all. Scuba divers, deep sea discovery and an important message about saving the ocean and the life that resides in it. “Skin Graft” is a tale of accident, transformation and perhaps a take on aliens but with an oceanic twist. Shocking, funny and surprising!
 All five tales are enjoyable and each has a unique value. Each story has different art style and are bound together by their common link to the ocean. You also get some extra artworks and sketches with this Anthology!

    The illustrations suit the stories well. There is a lot of horror, some humor, mild non-suggestive nudity and action. A great treat for teens and above. The stories are well lettered, and editing is also sharp.
  Too many chefs spoil the broth is not the case here as over 9 creators from around the world have made nothing short of a masterpiece. A unique anthology which explores nautical horror. Entertaining, compelling, scary and filled with hauntingly beautiful illustrations, A Lungful of Brine is highly recommended for horror and ocean fans!
Support today on the Kickstarter and reserve your copy before they’re gone!

Check out the campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform (Available till July 6 2022 9:55 PM UTC +04:00 )

Official Website

Connect with the Team-

Made by 9+ creators from around the world, including…

DAN TAPPAN (@TapTappan) – Writer 

Writer/Creator of this book. Dan has been writing short comics for many years and has published shorts with Black Ship Books and Hallowscream Magazine. He often confuses horror with comedy.

ALEX CORMACK (@AlexCormack4) – Artist

Cover artist for this book. Alex Cormack is a highly productive artist most well-known for horror hits like SINK (Comix Tribe), Sea of Sorrows (IDW), and Road of Bones (IDW).  

RENZO PODESTA (@renzo_podesta) – Artist 

Hailing from Rosario, Argentina, Renzo’s work on El Aneurisma Del Chico Punk won the 2018 Carlos Trillo award. He’s been published with Image Comics for 27, and has worked on many other projects including Ichabod Jones, Wormboy, JOM, and Oil of Dog.

R.H. STEWART (@hutesonroy) – Artist

A seasoned veteran, Roy has been creating comics since 2009. He provided background art for the comic series Collider which was adapted into an Emmy-nominated film in 2013. Recent publications include Hobb’s Lane and The Shadow Over Innsmouth with Blue Fox Comics.

MATIAS DE VINCENZO (@matiasdevincenzo) – Artist

Argentina-based artist who has been publishing comics in Argentina and Europe since 2016, including Impares (Faro Negro), Entrepisos (Faro Negro), and  Hank Folder (Green Moon Comics). Currently, he’s working on the sci-fi series Ball of Sharp and Efecto Malena.  

BOB BRICE (@bobbybriceart) – Artist

Bob Brice is an artist from Plymouth, UK. A lifetime spent in proximity to coastal waters has led to an obsession with drawing slimy, squamous things. 

NICOLÁS NIETO (@nicolasnieto16) – Artist

An argentinian comic artist and illustrator, along with a Fine Arts teacher, since 2017.Nicolás has drawn short stories for several anthologies and is developing Ecce Homo, a graphic novel that will be released in 2023, among other projects.

DANIELE CARAMANICO (@daca.clr) – Colorist

Daniele Caramanico an Italian comic colorist who has worked on a number of projects after graduating from the International Academy of Comics in Pescara including Adventures in Babysitting (Heavy Metal), MirrorMirror (Heavy Metal), Ascendant (Ondori Comics).

SARAH HICKEY (@wxrringtxn) – Colorist

Portland-based Comic Artist and Animator who makes comics about queer characters inspired by folk-lore. Sarah’s comic book work has been featured in the Postscript Anthology and she has shorts like Needlework and Last Stop, 200 Miles available on Gumroad. 

REED HINCKLEY-BARNES (@reed_hb) – Letterer

San Francisco-based comic book letterer and writer, Reed has lettered a number of comics spanning different genres, including The Saturn Effect: Alpha, Apocalypse Kinda, and Soma City.

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