FCBD: Winchester Mystery House “The Hundred Year Curse” | Comic Review

(W) Joshua Werner (A/CA) Damien Torres

As the Winchester Mystery House celebrates its centennial, a young woman on a tour of the amazing mansion find herself thrust into a supernatural experience that puts her in direct communication with the mansion itself, where she will learn the secret of the Hundred Year Curse. In this stand-alone one-shot comic, writer Joshua Werner and artist Damien Torres build upon The Winchester Mystery House comic book series based on the legendary mansion and inspired by true events.

Exclusive Original Material
Rating: Teen (or Teen+)


A couple of friends reach the front door of the Mansion, and without turning back they head inside. From here they are experiencing the tour that is given in the actual place, after entering the main bedroom that belonged to Sarah. One character is colliding reality with the past, however. It isn’t the kind of experience one should partake, and eventually, the room itself is presented with a lady rocking in a chair.

From here, it’s like an imprint of the past, while locking onto the present. As it started to calm down, the friends are seen disobeying the “Do Not Cross” ropes to mark locations that visitors shouldn’t enter. From there the final piece is mentioned as the little story concludes. Which after a hundred years, why does it seem like the curse still lingers without Sarah and the Constructions.

Finally, getting to this little story is just amazing, the pages have a cool effect at times without the typical boxes or “borders” that keep the single frames locked in to the next and next. It’s a nice way of double advertising the main series and now this cool Free Comic Book Day One-shot. I’ve been a fan of the Winchester Mystery House for a long time, and it’s nice to finally get different media platforms to bring the most mysterious place to a whole new audience. Yes, there was a Winchester movie. And it’s not the best, but it does give the Mansion justice of how Sarah had to live with spirits, and not suffer the consequences. Which makes one wonder, what could have happened if she hadn’t kept building?

Unfortunately because this was a Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Issue, it’s really hard to grab now. And it seems like even Amazon doesn’t have it on the ComiXology (it’s not even the same…) Kindle store, so maybe shop around or even try some other comic sites, however Source Point Press doesn’t offer the One Shot either.





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