Slasher Royale #1 – A Slasher Horror Comic Series by AfterLight Comics now on Kickstarter!

After 28 successful Kickstarter campaigns and reaching horror fans worldwide, Joseph Oliveira and his team at the AfterLight Comics are back with a unique horror comic that is bound to entertain you! Available to reserve by pledging support on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform till Thu, July 21 2022 6:31 PM UTC +04:00, this is a horror comic you shouldn’t miss!

Let’s see some main details here from the campaign page:

SLASHER ROYALE is a BRAND NEW 5-issue Slasher Horror Comic Series. [24 PAGES EACH]

In 1995, a young boy named Charlie Bowers witnessed the death of his father by a notorious serial killer known as The Cable Man.

Years later the Cable Man was captured and sentenced to life in a remote high-security prison.

The visions of Charlie’s father’s death haunts him on a daily basis and he thinks of nothing but avenging his death.

Now, we follow a much older Charlie as a rookie prison guard in an attempt to get closer to his fathers killer.

But to get to the Cable man he’ll first have to come face to face with some of the nastiest & depraved slashers ever to have walked the earth.

The 24 page comic is 100% complete and the only remaining step is to head to print with a little help from you.

AfterLight Comics is an Independent Horror Comics Publisher based in Wales, United Kingdom. Established by Writer/Founder Joseph Oliveira in late 2018.

Joseph Oliveira is a BAFTA Nominated Writer & Editor at AfterLight Comics, An Independent Horror Comics Publishing House.

We’ve published over  20+ Horror Comic titles including Folk-Horror Series Wendigo Wood, Supernatural Horror Ghost Island, Psychological Horror Stay AwakeRise of the Goatman, Moth Hill, Beneath Us and many more…

We believe we hold the candlelight for all of your Horror Comic reading needs🕯️

We’ve funded and fulfilled 28 Kickstarters to date.

AfterLight Comics

Joey Oliveira Twitter

AfterLight Comics on Twitter

Click here to support on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform ( Deadline- Thu, July 21 2022 6:31 PM UTC +04:00)! More details about rewards available there! Highly recommended!

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