American Werewolves: The Next Small Town Monsters Documentary [REVIEW]


New Documentary Goes Beyond the Myths
Into Eyewitness Testimony of Werewolf Sightings
American Werewolves Available on Cable VOD and Digital HD
From 1091 Pictures Beginning July 5

Wadsworth, OH–Small Town Monsters continues asking questions with their latest documentary, American Werewolves. Seth Breedlove’s newest project poses the question: do real werewolves exist? Breedlove presents a witness-focused study into the “dogman” phenomenon that pervades through American folklore.

American Werewolves debuts on major streaming platforms on July 5th, from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW. This horrifying new entry into the Small Town Monsters canon is directed by Seth Breedlove and produced by Heather Moser.

Thousands of people go missing in the United States each year, and American Werewolves and Seth Breedlove allow witnesses and a few brave investigators to present their theory that perhaps real werewolves are behind some of these disturbing disappearances.

American Werewolves aims to explore this oft-overlooked aspect of American folklore. However, where previous Small Town Monsters productions delved into similar subject matter by presenting the details of the phenomena through a panel of experts, authors, folklorists and investigators, American Werewolves leaves the storytelling to the witnesses.

Comprised of around a dozen witness accounts, the film takes on the strange topic by giving those who have experienced it the space to directly present their encounters to the audience. Encounters discussed within the film range from brief run-ins on rural country lanes to horrifying, face-to-face confrontations that are the very fuel of nightmares. One witness even claims to have discovered the grisly, shredded remains of a werewolf victim.


We start this documentary going in with a few States, with some of the most bizarre stories known, whether it’s folklore or just legends. However, one particular person gets really emotional with the idea of possibly finding torn cloths that belonged to a jogger that went missing on the same road he was walking on. Stories are shown with a little bit of evidence, while the usual “vision” that Small Town Monsters is now gotten to do to fill in gaps, blend into footage and even help bring the descriptions of such cryptids to a more lifelike approach.

However, as stories as cool and viewing the locations of said story brings a more interesting feel for those that aren’t able to visit. The one piece of footage or even audio, is the lack of evidence to give the viewers a more “could this be?” type feel to help us draw our own conclusions. I feel evidence to really back up that a Werewolf lingers would help even skeptics have to question the material. There is a tale mentioned, and I’ll keep it simple. That this particular location witnessed the massacre of a family of four, and upon investigating with authorities, the location has been destroyed. As if, they wanted to cover up the place as if it has NEVER existed.

Most Small Town Monsters films, actually have clips of audio or video of something. But that really lacks within this one, and your 84 minute documentary is filled up with just stories and some locations that do question the existence of why, a dogman would lurk around. It is the fact they could be protecting something? Or is it just simply the fact of food source?

As much as I’d love to learn more about these cryptids, unfortunately for myself. I wasn’t much impressed. But that one witness definitely made me feel emotions, because of what he had gone through and witnessed. I just hope maybe later on down the road, we could have another 2 Disc type feel again like On the Trail of Bigfoot. And we could find pieces of evidence that brings the Werewolves more to life, if not the light. Because as some of us are wanting to see more proof, stories work, but even then it’s almost hearing the same type of theories and identical tales. We need to start collecting and showing the world evidence. Without the presentation of that, these are nothing more than campfire stories, even letting you question the idea of. What if it wasn’t Werewolves, but something else entirely.

I would still recommend this to those that are wanting to learn more stories, and possible locations that may still be in use of these dogmen. However don’t expect anything to really help back up the claim of there existence, but like I mentioned above, the family massacre of four feels like a cover up. Look for it on VOD July 5th, otherwise you can purchase a DVD or Blu-ray or pre-order on iTunes today.

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