Reanimator Incorporated: Chapter Two – Lovecraftian Horror Graphic Novel Launched on Kickstarter on July 20th! (Support by Fri, August 19 2022 1:55 PM UTC +04:00)

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, the 2nd chapter of Reanimator Incorporated follows from the success of #1 taking you on one hellish journey. Launched on the Kickstarter on July 20th, check it out by clicking here. (Support by Fri, August 19 2022 1:55 PM UTC +04:00.)

 Defying death comes at a cost; a cost maniacal scientist, Herbert West, is not prepared to pay or even acknowledge.

Despite prophetic protests from his wife, Gabby, and his partner, Cain, West’s relentlessness manifests fractures in both his own reality and Beyond. Meanwhile, West’s son, Mike, is lost in limbo. A friendly guide proffers an unfriendly choice: death, or enter the Inferno.

What is it?

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Herbert West – Reanimator’, Reanimator Incorporated is a complete reimagining of the original story. Taking inspiration from Lovecraft’s original text, and from Gordon’s 80s movie adaptation, this graphic novel modernises West’s machinations, whilst weaving literary mythology (Lovecraftian and beyond) into the tale. Think Reanimator meets From Beyond, with a splash of Dante’s Inferno, a dab of King’s Pet Sematary… And then some…

This is Chapter Two of a six-part series, following on directly from Chapter One. The story sees Herbert West and Dan Cain’s continues attempts to reanimate the dead, which has now become a personal mission after the accident with West’s son, Mike. Chapter Two presents a more ethereal theme compared to Chapter One which was grounded on Earth. In the sequel, the reader experiences more of the From Beyond landscape and we take our first tentative steps into Lovecraftian Hell – a parallel landscape to Dante’s nine circles of the Inferno.

As West and Cain battle to save who (or what) they think is Mike, CEO of Reanimator Incorporated, Erica Lee battles with her board to push the Reanimator project into the daily lives of millions – for a price, of course. As Mike’s spirit is guided toward his demonic destiny, his mother, Gabby attempts to convince West that he’s dabbling in matters far beyond his myopic scientific understanding.

Story Synopsis (spoilers from Chapter One):

After the death, and subsequent reanimation of his son, Mike, Herbert West discovers a fatal flaw in his atomic reanimation unit. Cain attempts to rationalise with West over his attempts to keep Mike alive after their demonic encounters with freshly reanimated cadavers. Later, Cain experiences a much more personal encounter Beyond after repairing Mike’s Tillinghast Resonator while taking his own leap of faith.

Mike’s spirit, rejected from Paradise after his father played God with reanimation, is now lost in limbo. Mike is drawn to the forest of his childhood where a cloaked figure offers redemption in exchange for a perilous journey through the Inferno. Dubious to the figure’s true motives, Mike’s decision is made easier when an ancient being is released from a Shining Trapezohedron.

In the boardroom, Lee continues to battle misogyny as she plans to make her grandfather’s company the most powerful organisation on Earth. Even the balanced and sage perspective of Dan Cain holds no weight, as Lee doubles down on putting economics above ethics, driving Cain to question his own motives.

While West and Cain seek a solution to their reanimation problems, West’s wife, Gabby offers her opinions on their efforts; opinions, more valid, but wholly unwelcomed by her husband who is enraged to breaking point. 

As West convinces Cain to make a final attempt to reanimate the body of his son, West’s dastardly plan backfires creating more destruction than he ever thought possible. As Chapter Two closes, Mike’s journey is only just beginning as he encounters an elder God in the first circle of Lovecraftian Hell.

Launched on the Kickstarter on July 20th, you can support by visiting the page here. (Support by Fri, August 19 2022 1:55 PM UTC +04:00.)

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Writer- Andy Perry

Artist and Letterer- Lyndon White

Editor- Claire Napier

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