Horror Comic Review: Halloween Girl Issue 3 by Mad Shelley Comics

After 2 successful issues of Halloween Girl, Mad Shelley Comics returns with Issue 3 released on July 13th and available here on Amazon! Please read on to know why it’s a must read!

Series Synopsis:

Angsty, teen ghost, Charlotte (aka ‘Halloween Girl’) and supernatural gal pal, Poe battle diabolic, secret society, The Hollow for the soul of Crystal Springs – and their own salvation.

‘Death is a lot of damned work’, thinks 18 year old ghost, Charlotte Williams, as she braves the unsettled world of the In-Between. It’s here the rebellious teen finds the clues she so desperately needs in her battle against diabolic, secret society, The Hollow (who took her life, and just happen to be trying to end the world!).

Upon her return to the ‘Bone Yard’ (aka Crystal Springs Cemetery), Charlotte meets up with 20-something supernatural bestie, Poe, an acerbic goth who works with her to decipher the latest clues. Fellow ghost, Poe is something of a big sister to Charlotte; strong, hilarious – and always full of secrets. Though Charlotte’s already been dead several years, Poe, on the other hand, may be as old as time! As past victims of The Hollow, both are now intensely dedicated to stop the evil sect, who chillingly view human existence as a ‘failed experiment’.

After several fraught run-ins with ‘the Devil’s janitors’ (as Poe calls them), Charlotte is devastated when The Hollow kidnap her young son, Luke, in retaliation. Charlotte then suffers with the guilt of screwing up his young life ‘even in death’, before forming a plan with Poe to get him back – and make The Hollow pay.

Ultimately, Charlotte and Poe are forced to cosmically separate in their search for Luke. However, in doing so, they’re both severely tested and must grapple with their limitations – and their own dark pasts. Along the way, we meet a string of colorful characters both in ‘Hollow Land’ and the All-American (or is it?) Crystal Springs – and maybe even save the world.

Chapter 3 Synopsis:

Charlotte learns her son has been kidnapped by The Hollow and must meet a mysterious figure called ‘The Forgotten Boy’ to get him back. But will the asking price be too high – even for Charlotte…?

Spoiler-Free Review:

After fighting giant spiders and ghosts, now Charlotte faces a challenge that’s close to her heart as it’s revealed that her son has been kidnapped by a demon!

   The horror comic starts with Charlotte and her friend thinking about the mystery of “The forgotten boy”. A dog comes out of nowhere and tells Charlotte to meet the master to know about the boy. When Charlotte visits the dog’s master, she learns about the common connection which her son, the demon and her friend have.  Charlotte is also given a rather challenging task which she must complete in order to be united with her son again. Learn about all of these exciting revelations unfold in Chapter 3 and then be prepared for an even more exciting Chapter 4!

   Like Issue 1 and 2 of the Halloween Girl comic, issue 3 also has a well crafted story by Richard T. Wilson, realistic looking yet artistic illustrations by Pietro Vaughan, creepily artistic cover by Kadu Ferraz, clear lettering, and memorable dialogues. There are no suggestive themes, no bad language and mature content. There’s reference to death, ghost and mild horror but suitable for readers of all ages. 

   Overall, Halloween Girl 3 by Mad Shelley Comics is an entertaining, endearing and scary comic that feels like an early Halloween treat for all ages. It shows the human side and emotions of ghosts and demons, which makes it super unique. Released on Kindle on July 13th 2022, get your copy today to know the next chapter of Charlotte’s exciting story and get hyped for Halloween as well!

Highly recommended!

Get your copy from this official Amazon link! (Released on July 13th)

Creator Biographies:

WRITER: Emmy® Award Winner, Richard T. Wilson serves as the President /Writer-Filmmaker of RTW Productions, Inc., home to nationally recognized educational film company, OutreachArts, Inc. and its award-winning, sister company, Mad Shelley Films/Comics (‘Under the Flowers’, ‘The Halloween Girl’ film & graphic novel series). To date, he has had over 70 of his plays and films produced and seen some this same work featured on ABC World News Tonight, National Public Radio, PBS and The Independent Film Channel. However, Wilson is probably best known for creating both the critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning TV/DVD series, ‘Maple Ave’ and the hit, supernatural web series, ‘Under the Flowers’.

ARTIST: The author and illustrator of the graphic novel “In your eyes”, a noir story with characters from Brazilian literature, Pietro Vaughan is also the sole creative force behind the webcomic: “I’m not a killer”, published from 2019 to 2022 on major webcomic platforms. Over the course of his career, Vaughan has illustrated several comics for publishers and authors like Wilson. He is currently developing a book series and a personal animation project.

COVER ARTIST: Another great Brazilian artist, Kadu Ferraz, has already illustrated several ‘Halloween Girl’ covers for Mad Shelley Comics – with more on the way! A huge fan of retro, pop culture and music, Kadu, 20, has been working professionally since 2015.

Short Q. & A. w/ ‘Halloween Girl’ Creator, Richard T. Wilson about Chapter 3:

What can we expect from Chapter 3?

Loads of mystery and one shocking revelation! This chapter begins to peel back the layers of all things Poe due to the introduction of a mysterious figure from The Hollow named Jason. Also known as The Forgotten Boy, Jason has kidnapped Charlotte’s young son, Luke – but his motive appears to be more than just simple revenge. Maybe this explains why Poe is so uneasy? Regardless, this issue really starts to dive into the back stories of both Charlotte and Poe – and they’re not always what we expect!

So, a lot of twists on the way then?

For sure! And Pietro Vaughan’s remarkable artwork just adds to the tension with his dramatic pen and ink illustrations full of creepy shadows! There’s a real poetic sensuousness in everything Pietro draws – very much in keeping with the style of the old Warren Publishing masters from the 70’s. I think his style adds to the sense of danger in this issue too. Also, Kadu Ferraz brings his amazing gifts to this issue with his beautiful front and back covers. Kadu really nails the book’s spooky, retro vibe too! Clearly, I’m very excited to have these guys on board for this issue.

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