Book Review: Love Potion #666 by Nathan D. Ludwig and D&T Publishing

 Parents and children quarrels are nothing new but things get excitingly scary when you add supernatural elements to it. Love, voodoo, zombies, action and mom-daughter rivalry – a collection of exciting things await you in this novel called Love Potion #666 written by Nathan D. Ludwig and published by D&T Publishing.

Official Synopsis:


The hatred and jealousy that has festered for years between a mother and her daughter will kill every man they’ve ever loved. And raise them back from the dead!

Leanna Forsythe is a sociopathic sexpot fresh out of prison and ready to dish out some bloody payback. Her ex-lover and her mother plotted to send her to the big house so they could be together. Now, with Mom away in Haiti on some mumbo jumbo vision quest, Leanna and her meathead boyfriend Mikey seize the perfect opportunity to get back at mommy dearest…

…Teena Forsythe returns home to Corpus Christi after becoming a full mambo voodoo priestess; a lifetime in the making for her. The afterglow is short-lived when she finds her live-in lover savagely murdered and her experimental sex dust stolen out from under her nose. She knows Leanna plans to sell it to the highest bidder for a ton of cash, so she devises a nightmarish plan of her own to chase the dust-addicted lovers to the bloody, bitter ends of the earth.

Our Spoiler-Free Review:

    The novel starts with a beautiful preface that tells us not only about how the idea of this novel came to be but also about the friendship between the author Nathan D. Ludwig and Chad Farmer, who inspired the creation of the characters. The diary entries in between the chapters also help us to know what’s going on in the mind of the protagonist, Leanna.

    Teena is the mother of Leanna. They haven’t had a normal relationship with each other ever since the birth of Leanna. Things keep getting worse. Partly because of Teena’s voodoo work which caused Leanna to not trust her. Leanna even thinks that Teena is behind the disappearance of her father and her lovers getting corrupted. Leanna even went to prison and while she is now free, she still continues to deal with some not so legitimate business. Shady people cause a lot of trouble but Leanna finds hope in her friend Mikey, who, according to her, is still not corrupted by her mother and her magic. The love Potion name relates to the dust and other ingredients which Teena uses on men and the number on this book doesn’t translate in any occult reference in the book except the Voodoo practice, which is also the dark past of Teena. Not just black magic but there is another reason why this is a horror novel with paranormal elements- zombies! They’re less prominent but still play an important part. The biggest reason to read this is the unique, scary and often funny way through which the story unfolds. 

   The content is entertaining, funny and has a lot of action in it. Even interactions have thrills and there are situations where the outcome is not what you would expect and is scary! Editing, writing is great and the characters by Chad Farmer are uniquely lovable. The characters are flawed, funny and fantastic people in the novel.

    The horror novel has a mature theme which deals with a lot of hard truths and a lot of mature content in a raw authentic way only adults can enjoy, understand and relate to. 

    Overall, Love Potion #666 is a unique thrilling story of a mother daughter rivalry sprinkled with action, voodoo horror, mature comedy and unforgettable characters. Highly recommended to check it out!

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Our interview with the D&T Publishing founders-


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