Book Review: One Last Shindig (with “Watch Me Fly” Bonus Novelette) by Mark Towse and published by D&T Publishing

Without spoiling we review the 134 paged horror novel by Mark Towse called “One Last Shindig” which contains the bonus Novelette “Watch Me Fly”, published by D & T Publishing and now available on Amazon.

Official Synopsis-

One Last Shindig—the new novella from the author of Nana, Crows, Nature’s Perfume, and Hope

The world as we know it is coming to an end, but this group of geriatrics on one last shindig have no
idea what’s in store. As far as they’re concerned, they’re on a quick jaunt to see a cave full of glow-
worms and then back to the hotel for apple pie and custard.

So, get the muscle spray ready and change into your big underpants, because you’re going to need
them. Take your seat on this hilarious and terrifying coach tour into Hell.

Includes exclusive bonus novelette, “Watch Me Fly.”

Since day one, David has dreamt of being a superhero-to spread his wings and escape the iron fist of
his mother. But we can’t escape our past, no matter how hard we flap our arms, and his mother’s
voice won’t leave him be.

Spoiler-Free Review:

Innocence and the fear of death both are drastically different things which we see in this novel that explores a monster wrecking havoc by killing humans disguised as one. In this nightmarish situation, a young girl named Violet and her mother are among the first people to encounter the monster. Along the way, Violet meets a lot of people who also involuntarily become a part of this dreadful plan of an otherworldly creature…

      After seeing a violent death in front of her, Violet is shaken and trying to survive as the trauma is still there. In the meantime, we meet Erik, and others who eventually encounter this creature while going through their mundane adult life and for some, not so mundane adult life as we see night time hiking trip getting ruined by all of this chaos. 

      The writing and editing both make sure that the story moves in a cinematic, and often episodic way. While sometimes it feels like a new story when each new chapter starts, we start seeing the connection with other characters and story when we hear familiar names or the not so friendly neighborhood monster. There’s some great humor included, especially when it comes to Violet scenes. I chuckled at the way the author handles the situation of a child hearing swear words and then asks the meaning of it while saying it with initial letters swapped. The end also features the funny dialogue and paper spray cans. Thus, ending is exciting and almost like a movie or a web series. That’s because of the excellent storytelling skills! 

        The bonus novelette of 34 pages forms a big part of this 134 paged novel even though it’s a separate story. Called, “Watch me Fly” is a unique take on superheroes and the process of creating or becoming a superhero. The excitement is high, the thrills are still there and the focus is undoubtedly on the paranormal superhero aspect. It’s a positive and refreshing read after the scary, dark and survival focused main novel, “One Last Shindig”. The novel and bonus novella both feature descriptions of violent scenes, strong language but generally suitable for teens and above. 

        In conclusion, One Last Shindig horror novel provides horror, humor, and monster action while “Watch Me Fly” bonus novelette features a thrilling perspective on superheroes! Packed with content made with love and characters that stay with you, this novel is a must read for anyone seeking adventure, scares, and entertainment!

        Highly recommended!

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