Book Review: Red Sunrise – A Samurai / Vampire Thriller Novella by J.D. Oliva

In Feudal Japan, the Shogun rules all and he’s a monster!

We review the samurai / vampire thriller novel by J.D. Oliva called ‘Red Sunrise’. Was available to reserve and obtain from the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (Support & reserve by Fri, August 12 2022 7:13 PM UTC +04:00.), now it will release on Amazon and other platforms in future. Follow J.D. Oliva for future updates!

Official Synopsis:

Can a ronin warrior defeat the realm’s greatest evil before it leaves his rebellion in ashes?

Japan, 16th century. After the land’s vampiric Shogun slaughtered a young girl named Kana’s family, the orphan and her sibling hire a band of mercenaries to take revenge. But when their makeshift army falls to the terrifying fanged monsters, her last hope is to recruit a nihilistic, masterless Samurai who’s lost his honor.

With the Samurai’s valor ignited by the quest, the ronin offers to train the girl to battle the depraved enemy. Kana devours every crumb of his instruction. The two manage to destroy the Shogun’s horde, but the demon prince survives and thirsts for vengeance.

Will Kana and the Samurai slay the vile Shogun, or will the vampire prince lay waste to their rebellion?

Red Sunrise is a dramatic thriller novella. If you like fierce battles, dark twists, and rich historical details, then you’ll love J.D. Oliva’s feudal fantasy.

Spoiler-Free Review:

A settlement threatened by a ruler who takes taxes and tributes with the requirements being humans. Master of a demon army, the Demon Lord, Shogun faces an unlikely challenger in the form of a lone Samurai who’s more interested in food and drinks than a fight but decides to help the villagers when he hears the story of two children who were orphaned by the murderous demons.

      We get acquainted with the mysterious Samurai who doesn’t reveal his name to anyone and not even the readers of the novel. Much like how J.D. Oliva’s protagonist from the Jericho Thriller novel series is not trusting anyone with his real name. It seems that Samurai still remembers his training and discipline but avoids fights. When he enters a village, he’s greeted by thieves and after that encounter, he meets a girl named Kaza. He also learns about the Demon Lord, Shogun and how General Yoshimoto is trying to end the demon’s terror. We also meet the girl’s brother, Kenjo, who is getting trained by Yashimoto so that he can help avenge his parents’ death. A grand battle is seen between General Yoshimoto and Shogun then we start seeing how Samurai approach this task.

       After getting dragged into this matter, Samurai decide to analyze the demons and we learn more about them too. Much horror and brutality is observed which makes the reader as committed as the protagonist to end Demon’s reign. Samurai manages to know more about the demons but at the cost of giving a hint of his presence to Shogun. That drives Shogun, himself to the village along with another powerful entity that surprises the readers near the end. Samurai and his newly found young unofficial students, together, fight a necessary battle they are not ready for.

        Ending in an exciting way, the novel leaves you happy, emotional and thrilled in the end. The editing and writing makes the story move in an episodic way. With each chapter revealing new information and something important always happening. J.D. Oliva’s unique storytelling ability is at its peak and each page shows how much research has gone into making this story as authentic as possible. We also get wisdom about life, self defense and other important aspects through the scenes where Samurai chats with others. J.D. Oliva’s wrestling expertise is seen through the way all fighting and training scenarios are described. The names of the weapons, traditional performances, clothes and creation of the atmosphere helps to make this a unique Samurai horror novel which is way different than other action thrillers. There are no swear words, suggestive themes and while there is horror and violence, it is appropriate for teens and above.

        Overall, filled with horror, humor, action, and an unforgettable Samurai story unlike you have ever read, J.D. Oliva’s Red Sunrise is a highly recommended novel for all the fans of horror and Samurai!  

        Was available from Kickstarter crowdfunding platform till Fri, August 12 2022 7:13 PM UTC +04:00. Now it will release on Amazon and other platforms in future. Follow J.D. Oliva for future updates!

More about the novella-


Number of books: 1

Rating: R

Genre: Horror/thriller, historical fiction

Page count: 170 pages

Trim: 6″ x  9″

Format: Paperback/ebook (pdf, mobi, epub)

Digital books start at $3, and physical books start at $20. 

Physical books also come with the digital volumes.

***This books is 100% complete and ready to print once the campaign is over.***

What’s different about this book?

What if Feudal Japan was ruled a demonic vampire?

RED SUNRISE combines the horror/thriller genre with historical fiction to create a unique setting that transposes the vampire mythos into a world where the characters have no idea what they’re fighting.

RED SUNRISE tells the story of a wandering Samurai who lost faith in himself and the bushido code that he’s supposed to have dedicated his life. He’s man who doesn’t think he’s worthy of a noble death. He curses himself to live life as a coward. Until he meets Kana.

Kana is a teenager with a thirst for vengeance. She’s trying to amass an army to stand against the Shogun’s demon horde, but it’s done is lead to more death. When she aligns with the Samurai they try to figure out how to defeat these seemingly indestructible monsters.

Though RED SUNRISE features ghastly monsters and gore, the setting gives us a chance to tell a story that explores trauma and family. We talk about the loss of loved ones and its toll in a unique way. Playing in feudal Japan we can also explore the societal expectations of the samurai culture and the costs on the men who lived those lives. We also can touch on gender roles and their impact on culture. 

Playing in a highly fictitious world gives us the freedom to touch upon these themes but gives us the flexibility to keep things fun. This is a monster story first, but beneath the surface there’s a little more discover. This is what makes horror in general sucha great medium.

Who are main characters? 


A nameless wandering ronin who would like nothing more than to avoid confrontation. Brilliant, crafty, but quick to avoid a fight. The Samurai drifts into a quiet village on the brink of destruction. 

Though the Samurai would like to avoid trouble, his curiosity gets the best of him. When he investigates the Shogun’s horde, he’s pulled into a conflict that will reshape the country.


A young girl who pretends to be a simple servant. In reality, her parents were slaughtered by the demonic Shogun. Driven by fury and anger, Kana tries to build an army of Samurai warriors to face the Shogun’s unholy horde, but they’re led to slaughter. With little choice, she pleads for the Samurai for help. He agrees, and she gets more than a sell-sword. Kana receives an education in Bushido.


Ruling from his dark palace in Edo, the Shogun is a creature beyond time and existence. He’s cunning and vile, ruling over the land. He’s brokered an agreement where small villages are forced to surrender tributes to feed his minions. 

In a world without the vampire mythos, how can a simple Samurai and his protege face demonic force unfamiliar to them?

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Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, J.D. Oliva has worn a lot of hats. His books include Hawk Hallow, Harvest Moon and the supernatural thriller series, The Books of Jericho. His comics, including Delgue, Red Sunrise and Shunned have won multiple awards. A co-host of the Superhero Speak podcast series, he’s also writes about professional wrestling in his free time.

J.D. Oliva Official website

J.D. Oliva’s FaceBook

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