THE WITCHING HOUR: A Nordo Room Service Review

What Is Nordo Room Service?

Solve a mystery, cast a spell, or puzzle through the upside down world with Nordo’s Room Service. The choice is yours! Whether your local to pick up, or have it shipped.

Mystery, Intrigue, Drinks & Dessert! Each Room Service experience comes with an imaginatively curated desserts and delicious libations, both of which are part of the game experience itself!


The Witching Hour casts you as a new initiate to the Society of Nocturnal Mysteries. You begin by lighting a candle and choosing a powerful crystal from an embossed velvet bag, (all included in your box.) You toggle from object d’art, to interactive website with short films, to artisanal cocktails, and whoopsie-daisy! Your docent accidentally rips the Fabric of Darkness. It’s up to you to decide whether to put the Army of Fears you have unleashed back in the bottle or recruit them to be your allies in this astral plane. Like the pages of any good ancient grimoire, the spells are rich in riddles, secret codes, and ciphers to be solved. Check the calendar for a Waxing Gibbous Moon and salt your doorways, The Witching Hour is coming for your next night in!


Let’s begin with a nice email was sent to us regarding how we’d love a room service, a very unique one at that. Without hesitation we picked what you’re reading about. It was to us, a no brainer. Right up our alley, as they say. A week or so later, it was then delivered and well we began.

Inside this box has all the assets, ingredients and food you need. Unless you’re local, in which case you can actually pick up the alcohol bottle. While you don’t have it per-say shipped. But you do have separate bottles containing the Spirits for the drink to mix yourselves. And depending on the size of your coven, it should be enough for everyone. The coven size range from two people to four people to perform this magical ritual.

You begin by visiting the URL that is given to you within the box itself. DO NOT EAT the Faery Moon Pies beforehand (whoops), and in our defense, it was smelling very tasty. That we wish we could have the recipe to recreate ourselves. This link will be your guide within the game as you perform each step, and gives you the hints to solve puzzles. Like in this case without going into much details of this game, you get a nice Ritual Cloth and Stones. The idea is to place the stones on the cloth and go around till your stone is picked. In which case that stone, now becomes yours.

In the end, as we closed the Ritual that has taken place. Tessa and I both gave our toast, and proceeded the last steps till the Room Service, was completed. It was as if we were awaken with some magical elements as we feasted and had spirits to lift our souls from the puzzles. The Ritual is a nice way to uplift your magical spirit.

Halloween is approaching, this Room Service from Café Nordo. Is a perfect way to celebrate the Magic within the month, as you can celebrate with friends up to Two or Four within your little Coven. We highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys the Occult or Witchcraft and want a Magical Experience like no other.

Last thing to mention about Café Nordo’s little Room Services. It is quite pricey, however if you were to split the costs between Two ($99/$117) or Four ($129/$147) people. You’d each be paying a decent amount, depending on the cost. And shipping ranges from $18-$25 depending on the size you order. But trust us, it’s damn well worth it. If you’re looking for a little magic.

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