Horror Comic Lincoln Green – Folk hero meets folk horror launched on Kickstarter!

LINCOLN GREEN mixes the legend of Robin Hood with elements of supernatural British and Irish folklore.  The result is a bold new story that will haunt your dreams… 

A unique horror comic full of folk horror and a folk hero is live on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform till September 22 2022 8:02 PM UTC +04:00 which offers tons of rewards for pledging your support including the melodious soundtrack by John Vallely, famous for the work on “Frank at Home on the Farm

Lincoln Green comic is made by Chris Fildes (Writer) & Donna A. Black (Artist) featuring John Vallely (Composer of the soundtrack), Damian Connelly (Logo Design / Variant Cover Artist), Andy Bloor (Guest Print Artist), Edward Bentley (Guest Print Artist), Dan Gruitt (Design), and Rich @ Comic Printing UK (Printing)

Click here to check out more details, rewards, free preview and pledge your support before September 22 2022 8:02 PM UTC +04:00.

More info from the Kickstarter page:

We find ourselves in the familiar world of folk legend Robin Hood – brave outlaws fighting against oppression and tyranny in medieval England. However things are not quite as they seem as dark forces watch and wait. From behind the trees and beyond our world they manipulate events for reasons we can not know.

Deep in Sherwood Forest things have not been going well for Robin and his band of merry men. Tragically THE OUTLAW has been betrayed by a friend and killed by a ruthless mercenary. His paymaster is THE SHERIFF who has THE MAID Marian held captive in his castle. Now THE KILLER returns to claim his gold.

All seems lost – but will the THE FOREST give up one of its own so easily? 

Find out when folk hero meets folk horror in LINCOLN GREEN.

LINCOLN GREEN is a silent horror comic book. That’s right – it’s silent – which means you will be totally immersed in the dream-like world visualised by the incredible artwork of Donna A. Black. 

Here’s some sample artwork to give you a taste of what to expect. 

We don’t want to reveal too much but just look at gorgeous it looks!

THE KILLER returns to his master to claim his reward
THE MAID discovers the horrifying fate of THE OUTLAW

MORE FREE SAMPLES at the Kickstarter page [click here]

Will I Like It?

As LINCOLN GREEN is a silent story with no dialogue, I thought it would be really cool to add a soundtrack to accompany it.  John Vallely is a screen composer from Ireland who has created something really wonderful.

‘LINCOLN GREEN has been a really cool project to work on. It’s an interesting take on an old story that pulls in influences from other folk legends. The artwork by Donna is amazing! It’s great fun to take the images she has created and add a soundscape to them. The fact that there is no dialogue really opens up opportunities for the music in a manner that the narrative is delivered through the art / music combination’, says John.

The soundtrack includes a theme tune and a different piece to accompany each act and comes as a download on all reward tiers.

Here is a preview of some of the main theme tune you may have heard in the video.

Preview of the theme music by John Vallely

A very special video book will also be available on all reward tiers. This sets the music against the artwork panel by panel and is a really exciting fully immersive way to experience the story.  

The Team

Our team has a wide range of comics experience between them with a proven track record of delivering great comics on Kickstarter.

Chris Fildes | Writer | twitter.com/iamchrisfildes

I’m a comics writer born in London but have been living in Dublin half my life. I’ve run two successful Kickstarter campaigns over the last couple of years. Those were dark comedies but with this book I’m leaning fully into the dark…

Donna A. Black | Artist | twitter.com/DonnaABlackArt

Donna is a mixed media artist specialising in comic art and covers. Originally trained as a photographer she uses her skill with lighting and composition to give her mixed media artworks a very unique look and feel. She has had been involved in many group shows and major solo shows across Ireland and the UK in fine arts, photography and comics. She now works everyday in her Belfast studio, drinking coffee, making comics and creating art.

John Vallely | Soundtrack |twitter.com/VallelyComposer

John is an Irish screen composer, arranger and song-writer. He has worked on scores for television series, audiobooks and multimedia animated comics. Starting his screen composing career in the world of comic books, he has collaborated with acclaimed comic book creators such as Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead, The X-Files)Jordan Thomas (Frank at Home on the Farm) and Clark Bint (Killtopia).

Damian Connelly | Logo Design / Variant Cover Artist | twitter.com/damian_connelly

Damian is a scriptwriter, editor, cartoonist and comic book storytelling teacher. He was born in Argentina and is the writer of numerous graphic novels, and comics, both published in Argentina, Mexico, the USA, Spain and Brazil.  He created the best selling comic You Promised Me Darkness from Behemoth Comics.

Andy Bloor | Guest Print Artist | twitter.com/andybloor

Andy is a British artist and graphic designer. He co-created the widely-loved Wolfmen books with writer Dave West and has worked with many high profile writers including Kieron Gillen, Leah Moore and John Reppion, as well as contributing an impressive amount of artwork to many comics and graphic novels.

Edward Bentley | Guest Print Artist | twitter.com/yoodoo_comics

Edward stems from and has been involved in creating and drawing comics for the last 10 years. His published works include Cadavers, Darkboy & Adler, MorriganMadhouse and Last Exit To Brighton. Edward was also the artist on my first two books.

Dan Gruitt | Design | twitter.com/IamGruitt

Dan has been working as a graphic designer for 10 years and his work can be seen in Fanny GalacticDarkboy & Adler, MorriganWeird WorkFrank at Home on the FarmQuarantineDetonator and many other comic publications. 

Rich @ Comic Printing UK | Printing | twitter.com/ComicPrintingUK

We use Comic Printing UK to handle printing, so you know the quality of the rewards will be exceptional as usual.

Click here to check out more details, rewards, more free previews and pledge your support before September 22 2022 8:02 PM UTC +04:00.

John Vallely Twitter

John Vallely YouTube

John Vallely Upwork

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