Curse of Crom: A Halloween Treat [Movie Review]

The Synopsis: High school teenagers accidentally unleash an ancient Irish entity on their hometown and must stop it before midnight on Halloween.

Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloween also had a Kickstarter to get your hands on a physical copy. You can visit the now ended campaign that did in fact reach it’s goal, I want to point out that by the time I had the pleasure to review it, the campaign had a few days left beforehand. Hopefully down the road we can see it’s release bigger spread out.


The movie starts with Mary, a teenager trying to save for College. However funds aren’t always in her favor, hence the almost DoorDash type delivery service that seems to be her job. While delivering to this mysterious neighbor that her dad, basically introduced to the app to order food, just to have his daughter. Have some sort of Customer and well, a way to get paid. However upon a night of confrontation this poor gentleman, who does have an odd request when he orders the same thing. Turns out, was a way to keep the Monster at bay.

Once poor Murphy becomes victim, Mary is left to ask for help. Harvey, boyfriend to Mary doesn’t seem to take it serious about her plea, until Harvey has his own experience. Which in some cases, just a glimpse outside of a window, like a crack. But once you try investigating, it’s like any monster in a film, it’s vanished. Now Mary and Harvey are trying to crack down the Legend, and it’s up to these teenagers to try and stop these ghoulish creatures before Midnight on Halloween.

Supposedly this is based off a R.H. Grimly story, but it seems there’s no trace of a book? I just would hate to say I’ve read it, when I haven’t seen anything to help back up this claim. So I’m assuming it’s still not published, yet the movie says it’s based off the book. Another thing I’ll knock points off for, subtitles. I know some people don’t need them, however when you’re part deaf and need them to understand what’s going on, especially when it’s trying to get serious with the whispering because the main people are hiding from the monsters. I had to really focus, but at the same time. The dialogues are quite loud enough to clearly hear everything.

Practical effects has a big impact on the story within the film, as it’s great to not see CGI made. But an actual man in a suit. And Mr. Crom is quite a Halloween Treat that I believe fans of the Holiday, and well Legends will appreciate the Monster itself. It also seems Crom comes to those that “don’t believe”, and makes them find a way to trigger fear within. Mary has quite a “squad” building.

In the end, check it out. I really enjoyed this 80’s style Monster Mash movie for Halloween, and you can watch it now to even help get in the mood for the Halloween Season. It’s a nice treat with practical effects, well done color grading between scenes with spooky atmosphere music that works well. It’s all asking to be seen, because as time draws near thinning the veil, maybe Crom will be waiting for you there. In the mist of the Legend.


Peacock, Prime and Vudu.

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