Film Review: GENEVIEVE RISES – Horror Comedy Short Film by Nicholas Michael Jacobs

Nicholas Michael Jacobs- independent film Director of “Night” (2019), “Urban Fears” (2019), “Tales from Six Feet Under” (2020),  and “Genevieve” (2021) has created the newest horror/comedy film, “Genevieve Rises” (2023), which is a short film starring the killer doll herself, Genevieve. Who is voiced by none other than Alan Maxson (Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Blade: The Iron Cross, Etc.) Here is the official plot outline for the film, “A working man’s life is turned inside out when he stumbles across an ancient evil book that releases a terrifying psychotic doll named Genevieve.” This film is currently being submitted to film festivals. We, Everlasting Hauntings, has the privilege of reviewing it for you today! Please read on!

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Spoiler-Free Review:

After creating many remarkable horror shorts, anthologies and also continuing his work on platforms such as Twitch ad YouTube, Philadelphia based filmmaker, actor, composer, and writer, Nicholas Michael Jacobs is back with a horror short film called “Genevieve Rises” that feels like a refinement and a polish on the story of a killer doll named Genevieve, which has been a signature antagonist for the NMJ Films.

The high quality cinematography and lighting is evident from the first frame. We see the protagonist- Jeff Gates (Played by Nicholas Michael Jacobs) living alone in his apartment and having a regret of hurting his girlfriend (Jess- Played by Alexis Beacher). Trying to go on with the daily routine but then almost on the brink of breaking down, the protagonist discovers a weird looking book. The odd thing is that the book has a face carved on it. He asks his now hurt (and probably almost an ex) girlfriend about it through a text and before she could warn him, he reads it and then Genevieve the doll rises from a long sleep. The question is, can the protagonist survive and decipher the secret of Genevieve? Watch to find out!

The music and sound effects add a lot to the dreadful atmosphere. The production value is top notch as the props and the costumes are of professional quality. Acting is natural and superb as always, with Nicholas Michael Jacobs being in the spotlight, Producer & Actor Alexis Beacher appearing through a photograph and Alan Maxson as the voice of the Genevieve. Storyline, dialogues and direction – all provide a tight storytelling experience that’s easy to follow and has no dull moment despite the short film being at 13 minutes, which is well justified through the scenarios shown.

Overall, it doesn’t matter if you like killer doll movies or not, you will love Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ GENEVIEVE RISES as it not only provides suspenseful action-filled doll horror but also tells an endearing story of love, bravery, adventure and is enhanced with memorable music and visuals. Highly recommended to watch at film festivals and on streaming platforms when it releases.

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