Book Review: Unshod, Cackling and Naked – Horror Collection by Tamika Thompson

Do you love stories that make you scared and keep you wondering about things? Also make you laugh with a pinch of humorous narration? Then the horror collection, “Unshod, Cackling and Naked” by Tamika Thompson will entertain you and be a gem in your library. Releasing on January 26th 2023, please read on to know why it is a must have! Available to pre-order from Amazon


A beauty pageant veteran appeases her mother by competing for one final crown, only to find herself trapped in a hand-sewn gown that cuts into her flesh. A journalist falls deeply in love with a mysterious woman but discovers his beloved can vanish and reappear hours later in the same spot, as if no time has passed at all. A cash-strapped college student agrees to work in a shop window as a mannequin but quickly learns she’s not free to break her pose. And what happens when the family pet decides it no longer wants to have “owners?”

In the grim and often horrific thirteen tales collected here, beauty is violent, and love and hate are the same feeling, laid bare by unbridled obsession. Entering worlds both strange and quotidian, and spanning horror landscapes both speculative and real, Unshod, Cackling, and Naked asks who among us is worthy of love and who deserves to die?

Spoiler-Free Review:

The name of the collection itself makes a person curious about this horror collection and not to mention, the cover art that adds to it. Everything will be clear as you read on this review even though, I will not spoil anything for you! The horror stories collected in a collection usually need to sync up at least in their theme or a common factor such as a monster. Here, the stories are of varied topics but the dreadful, dark, and gloomily fun theme is everlasting everywhere.

If you are a pet lover, the first story titled “The Turn” gives you a different perspective on it and also has a bit of a horror aspect to it in terms of blending the reality and odd situations. “Bridget Has Disappeared” is about a couple’s life that starts off as a usual love story but then turns into a story of suspicion and eventually, an out of the world revelation in a story that’s full of suspense and thrills. Beauty contests, rules and restrictions that eventually make way for some bizarre results that build up after uneasiness is the main premise of the fun, frightening, and funny “Under the Crown” story. An anti-hero take on a serial killer lady is a fun aspect from the story “I did it for you”. As we all have survived the 2020 outbreak and the terror that accompanied it, the story named “The Bats” will particularly remind you of the frightening memories with added supernatural elements and minus the annoying video conferencing nightmares. “These Parts” explores the scary parts of the city and how a person can learn from them to adopt in a civilized society. “i will be glorious” is a subtle eerie take on trees and transformation. “Angry Slash of Blood” tells a story of isolation, addiction and anger. Pretending to be a mannequin in a shopping area, and facing weird people is what makes the story “Mannequin Model” unforgettable. “She By the Sea” is an exciting and suspenseful take on an unknown monster phenomenon. Those who like to debate about veganism and meat eating would find the story “And We Screamed” as a thought provoking tale which manages to scare as well. “I Am Goddess” is a modern and twisted take on the Frankenstein-like surgeries which completely changes how you feel about doing surgeries for cosmetic improvements. Finally, the story called, “Abduction Near Knife Lake” is an awesome end to the horror collection that leaves you on a high note as you read a thrilling story of a kidnapper on the loose!

The book is full of content and it is well written. It is meant for teens and above as it contains some strong language, reference to violence, gore, and some suggestive themes. Storytelling is efficient and gets you involved in no time. Character development and the attention to detail are remarkable. There are many scary scenarios, funny moments, and a lot of adventures in this book.

Overall, if you enjoy horror stories and would love to read some of the most thrilling, enjoyable, and coolest horror tales, then this collection is a must have in your book library! Follow the author to get notified when the horror collection is released on January 26th 2023!

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About Tamika Thompson, the author-

Tamika Thompson is a writer, producer, and journalist. She is the author of Unshod, Cackling, and Naked (Unnerving Books, 2023) and Salamander Justice (Madness Heart Press, 2022). She is co-creator of the artist collective POC United and fiction editor for the group’s award-winning anthology, Graffiti.

Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in several speculative fiction anthologies as well as in Interzone, Prairie Schooner, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Review of Books, among others. Thompson also has producing credits at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, as well as with NBC and ABC News.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Columbia University and a Master of Arts in Journalism from the University of Southern California. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find her online at

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