Interview: Filmmaker Nicholas Michael Jacobs from NMJ Films about Genevieve Rises horror short & more!

Today we have the honor of interviewing the founder of the NMJ Films, filmmaker & actor Nicholas Michael Jacobs- a returning guest who has contributed to the independent horror industry through short films, anthologies, and music.

Nicholas talks about the latest horror short film- Genevieve Rises, his filmmaking, entrepreneurship, and more!


Interviewee / Respected Guest: Nicholas Michael Jacobs. Interviewer / Host for today: Darsh Davis

Darsh: You’ve been a frequent guest here and many people already know you and your work. But still, please let the new readers know about you, and your work.

Nicholas: I am an independent filmmaker from Philadelphia, I specialize in making short films and feature films, usually of the Horror, Comedy, & Thriller variety.

Darsh: Considering your long-time work in the independent horror industry, please tell us how your passion for horror and filmmaking was combined to start your career journey. 

Nicholas: I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker at a very young age, after watching Army Of Darkness and the behind the scenes videos of that film. It inspired me to jump into filmmaking, so I went to a high school that had a film program, took the class and here we are, never looked back.

Darsh: We have seen your work on YouTube and Twitch platforms as a content creator. How has your work as a filmmaker helped you to be a more confident content creator? 

Nicholas: My films have given me a platform to be able to talk about what I love and am interested in, people want to hear what I have to say about certain topics which is awesome, I appreciate it.

Darsh: NMJ Films, your merch, and your content creation make you an independent film industry entrepreneur. What do you think a person should know as an entrepreneur?

Nicholas: I think the best advice I can give for something like this is, just go for it, don’t overthink things and jump right into everything, follow your dreams and do what makes you happy.

Darsh: Please tell us about your most memorable moments in life as a filmmaker.

Nicholas: Hmm, that’s a great question, there are so many, but the ones that stick out to me are getting my films on Amazon Prime which really helped me in expanding my audience. Also showing Urban Fears at my local movie theater and getting it into the FEARnyc Horror Film Festival, where I won an award for Best Original Score.

Darsh: Which horror movies do you think can teach a person about filmmaking?

Nicholas: Evil Dead, Evil Dead, Evil Dead, I’d strongly suggest any filmmaker coming up to watch that original Evil Dead film and watch all of the behind the scenes documentaries out there for it. It truly is great stuff and very inspiring for any young filmmaker because it’s an indie film made by a group of friends, every time I think about it it makes me want to pick up and camera.

Darsh: How did you get the idea of Genevieve horror films?

Nicholas: I’ve always been a huge killer doll movie fan from Chucky to Puppet Master, so I wanted to dip my toe into that genre and multiple films later here we are.

Darsh: What is the most important thing about Genevieve Rises, your latest Genevieve horror short film that sets it apart from the rest of the Genevieve short films?

Nicholas: This is kind of a reboot for Genevieve, a very Lovecraftian, Evil Dead style reboot that is not connected to any of the other films in the series really.

Darsh: We see you doing so much! How do you manage to manage your work-life balance? What are your tips for good time management?

Nicholas: You just have to have the drive to create and stay inspired, after every project is complete I think to myself “alright, what’s next” and I think that’s what keeps me going.

Darsh: Lastly,  please share where the audience can watch the Genevieve Rises horror short film and future plans for the same as well as for any other projects that you have.

Nicholas: As of right now, we just submitted it to a bunch of film festivals, so I’d say keep an eye out on all my social media accounts for announcements on that.

Darsh: Thank you so much for your time! I wish you all the best for the film festivals and future releases!!

Nicholas: No problem! Thanks for having me and I really appreciate it!

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