Everything Horror Podcast was founded on February 12th, 2017 by Paul Dulski and Tessa Baker, a husband and wife team. They wanted to share their opinions on the Horror, a genre to which they admire. From the outset, their motive was nothing more than a hobby, with the support of friends they recorded 57 Episodes within the initial year. The recordings included nine interviews that concentrated on movies, books, music, and games. The general concept of discussions ranges from Books, Films, Figurines, Movies, Music and more.

The dawn of 2018, and with it the objective of collaborators, expansion and create new content. Whether it was making videos, episodes of specialized topics in collaborating with other podcasts. The 2018 calendar year was not the greatest period for the Everything Horror Podcast Team, eventually, they lost their support, had a fur baby death that prompted them to take a short hiatus. They tried arranging charities to support those that require aid, sadly, that didn’t work out so much either.

From there Tessa and Paul met Ken Artuz, Founder of his horror website and podcast, DecayMag. They eventually arranged an episode with them concerning reflections on film trailers, a mini interview and more. Paul also assisted Ken Artuz with a Round-table Interview, with actors and director of “3: Eye for an Eye”. Everything Horror Podcast also met Stephen Gilhespy from PossessedRadio, opening more gates to cross over platforms with.

Everything Horror Podcast came back full force, to collaborate and do more podcast episodes. They plan on resurrecting the All Female Podcasts and have networked within the Horror community for guest to appear on the podcasts. November 25th, 2018 was the first ever Roundtable, with the director, writer and actor Jed Brian known for his Found Footage debut film, Unlisted Owner, also present were Ken Artuz along with Stacy Cox, Staff Contributor at DecayMag.

“For almost the two years of doing this, contacting those we have had a chance to communicate with, whether they’ve returned for a second interview or appeared once. Everyone we’ve talked to I consider friends, because of the chemistry or bond we formed while chatting before, during or after every recorded podcast. All the individuals who reached out to us to review a book, film means much to us. I hope 2019 will contribute to better elements, but until then we must stand by and see.”
– Paul Dulski

“I’m glad over the years we’ve progressed as a podcast. We’ve come along way through every difficulty we endured. All the amazing souls we met along our journey, and those that have been by our side since the beginning. We are entirely grateful and thank you for your amazing support, we love you all.”
– Tessa Baker

“Everything Horror Podcast” is across all social media platforms including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. You may find podcast Episodes on the following platforms. Podbean, iTunes, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher and TuneIn. #StayScary.

We also offer merchandise, and PayPalto pledge or donate any amount to help support our cause. Once again thank you for all the support for two years.

Meet Our Helpers

559426_136929763097700_946856437_nDarsh Davis: A management studies graduate with finance specialization with a love for horror and writing. Volunteer horror writer for Everything Horror, blogger, crowdfunding collaborator, and reviewer of horror movies, comics, games and more. I also run Darsh Reviews Movies.

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Facebook: DarshD
Twitter: DarshDavis

39395.jpegStacy Cox: Self-published Author and a Blogger. While my interests travel the Horror genre favorably, I also like memes and humorous, uplifting, inspirational, and engaging subjects. I like to review all Horror-related content, but I generally prefer to review movies, television shows, trailers, and books.

My works can be found at my Author’s Spotlight:

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Facebook: StaceMeister0
Twitter: @stacemeister0
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Tumblr: @stacemeister0
LinkedIn: stacy-cox-stacemeister0

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