Podcast started back in February 12th 2017. We are Everything Horror, pun intended. But we chat about films, books, figurines and more. We also talk what we like, love or disappointed and what could have changed.

Recently we decided to reach out to others, asking those to volunteer to help give you all something more to read. We are aiming to hit every topic possible, and just to give some examples we now have founders and volunteers like the list below that shows you all what to expect from each person.

Note: We are planning on getting a new layout for the site, just gonna be a bit since the layout designs are $$$$. If you’d like to help us get there faster, please donate anything you could. Read below for more information on how you can help out.

We are 100% NOT doing this as a business, but a hobby. We have no intention of making a profit, since Tessa and Paul both 100% fund everything. If anything we sell promotional items to help get the word out. While we do offer Patreon, to help us fund other things to help with the Podcast. Otherwise you can just donate here.

If you are interested in us interviewing or reviewing your book, film, game or etc. Please email us and schedule your interview or review today! There’s also the contact form as well which allows a drop down menu for easy emailing.

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