Podcast started back in February 12th 2017. We are Everything Horror, pun intended. But we chat about films, books, figurines and more. We also talk what we like, love or disappointed and what could have changed.

The Podcast Crew

  •  Paul Dulski (Creator, Host / Co-host)
  • Tessa Baker (Co-creator, Host / Co-host)
  • Sheila C Puregamer (Video Reviews / Streamer)
  • Lamont Derrickson (Review In Progress)

We are 100% NOT doing this as a business, but a hobby. We have no intention of making a profit, since Tessa and Paul both 100% fund everything. If anything we sell promotional items to help get the word out. While we do offer Patreon, to help us fund other things to help with the Podcast.

If you are interested in us interviewing or reviewing your book, film, game or etc. Please email us and schedule your interview or review today!

People We’ve Interviewed

  • Daniel P Coughlin, Ryan Coughlin and Megan Waters from Ditch Day Massacre film.
  • Grant Vincent from Shadow’s Symphony (Halloween Music)
  • Bill Oberst Jr who does a lot of Acting.
  • Don Hileman, of Enyx Studios. Studio of A Haunting: Witching Hour
  • Gareth Morgan of Zenithfilms, released Silent Hill: Requiem.
  • John Brhel of Cemetery Gates Media, released Corpse Cold book and more.
  • Jed Brian of Lawford County Productions, known for Unlisted Owner film.
  • Carlos Grupeli of Protocol Games. Studio behind the game Song of Horror.
  • Lawrie Brewster of Hex Media. Known for “Lord of Tears”, “The Unkindness of Ravens” and “The Black Gloves”.
  • Daniel P Coughlin, Ryan Coughlin and Trevor Torseth known for “Lake Dead” film.

Books We’ve Reviewed

Films We’ve Reviewed

Successful Kickstarters We Supported 

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