Split Second (1992) review

We've all seen 1987's Predator and 1979's Alien, but both those film franchises started to thrive during the 1990's. There was one film that came out in the summer of 1992 that a lot of people haven't seen or even heard of before. That had potential to kick off its own franchise. Split Second starring... Continue Reading →

Outlast Review

There's a very few games out there that keep my attention, but Outlast was one of those games that kept me hooked from the beginning. Outlast was made by the makers of Red Barrels and was released on September 4th 2013. It's a survival horror game and can be found on Playstation 4, Xbox 1,... Continue Reading →

The Hollow

Nothing scares me most then being stuck on an island with over a thousand dead bodies and an evil entity killing anyone in site. That's what this film has in store for you. The Hollow was released on October 24th 2015 and was produced by Jamie Goehring who's well known for this film and his... Continue Reading →

The Nun

The Nun is an hour and thirty-six minute long Mystery Thriller film. It made a whopping three hundred an sixty-five point five million dollars in box office with a budget of only twenty-two million. It was released on September 6th, 2018. https://youtu.be/zwAM5UnGd2s Directed by Corin Hardy which he also directed the 2015 film The Hollow.... Continue Reading →

SNARL – Short Film Coming 2019

Lightbeam Productions the makers behind "The House of Screaming Death" is teaming up with Pat The Bull Films and many other production companies to make a short film called Snarl. Synopsis of SNARL: "England. 1934. A young man, Elijah, has been captured and accused of being a werewolf by Clyde, a self famed bounty hunter... Continue Reading →

Secret Window – Movie Review

Secret Window was released in the US in 2004 where we see Johnny Depp take up a role that we have never seen him play before. The film takes place in the secluded areas of Maine. Writer Mort Rainy (Johnny Depp) is getting terrorized by an unknown stranger named John Shooter ( John Turturro). Shooter... Continue Reading →

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