[Book Review]: GOLEM – The Wolf Stone Saga Vol.2 by J.D. Oliva

We review the action thriller novel by J.D. Oliva called 'Golem' which is a part of The Wolf Stone Saga. Now available to reserve and obtain from the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform campaign available till Fri, May 6 2022 6:17 PM UTC +04:00. About The Wolf Stone Saga: What if Katniss Everdeen stepped into the Marvel Universe? If... Continue Reading →

Horror Comic Review: Tomb of The Red Horse

Without spoilers we review an action packed and scary apocalyptic horror comic called ‘Tomb of the Red Horse’ which can be obtained through the Kickstarter that is live till March 23rd 2022 7:00 PM UTC +04:00! Synopsis: Cosmic horror meets corporate malfeasance in this bloody thriller that’s perfect for fans of Ice Cream man and The Silver Coin!  Benjamin and Ian continue their exploration of global threats... Continue Reading →

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