Did You See That? by Lawrence Gibbs and Kenneth Lamar Gibbs Sr. – A Horror Book About Witch’s Quest For Love Gone Wrong

The story of a naive witch-to-be that battles the guilt of causing the deaths of those closest to her and the threat that she unleashes unto the world. "Did You See That?" a Horror Romantic Book by Lawrence Gibbs (Author), Kenneth Lamar Gibbs Sr. (Author)  promises thrills of witches, magic, and demons! Check out the trailer and information below!... Continue Reading →

John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: HYPERBREED Sci-Fi Horror Comic Series Announced With Official Trailer!

After delivering hits like The Grimm Towns Terror Tales & Werewolf Horror Comic Series- 'Monica Bleue A Werewolf Story', John Carpenter & Sandy King Carpenter's Storm Kids brand famous for intriguing action packed horror stories for teens and young adults, has announced Hyperbreed sci-fi horror/thriller comic series which has the coolness & spectacular action of... Continue Reading →

Spoiler-Free Sci-Fi Horror Comic Review: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Vortex 2.0 Issue One of Eight

Without spoiling, we review, Sci-Fi Horror Comic- John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction Vortex 2.0 Issue One of Eight, which is hitting the stores on June 17th, 2020, and is the continuation of the epic first Vortex. Synopsis: More than 20 years after the Benson Station disaster, an unauthorized rescue mission brings the survivors together... Continue Reading →

Spoiler-Free Comic Review: Reanimator Incorporated – A Lovecraft-inspired Graphic Novel (On Kickstarter till June 17th 2020)

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, this 72-page graphic novel reimagines the original Reanimator story, opening doors into other realms. Without spoiling, we review, 76 paged fully colored graphic novel, Reanimator Incorporated: Chapter One, a complete reimagining of the original story of H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Herbert West - Reanimator’. Currently on Kickstarter till June 17th, 2020! Official Synopsis... Continue Reading →

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