Round Table: with Ken Artuz from DecayMag – Zombies | Child’s Play Reboot | Halloween | Games Paul sat down with Ken from DecayMag and we discussed some various topics from Zombies, Child's Play (Reboot), Layers of Fear and more. Mainly Zombies though... Zombies: How they started and how we see them today. Also what are considered some Zombie films to fall into the category? Child's Play Reboot: No original voice... Continue Reading →

“VISAGE” – Coming October 2

The long awaited Horror game from Sadsquare Studio comes to Early Access on Steam October 2, being developed since January 2015 it's finally here. For those that aren't familiar, VISAGE appeared on Kickstarter and completely bombed there Canadian goal. Because people are anxious for this game, the studio brought out an update stating. "The main reason we've... Continue Reading →

Find Us On These Platforms

Whats up everyone? It's another gorgeous Scarturday, no? Yeah it doesn't seem to be to freaky outside here anyways. Now I think it's time to write a post about where, you can find Everything Horror Podcast on platforms to listen to. I'm been updating things slowly, so if you happen to notice something is "new" shh ;)... Continue Reading →

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