“The Barn” – Movie Review

This is a fun, indie horror Halloween film. Taken on a "local legend" that involves three demons from Hell, that come and eat the flesh of the living to drag those back to hell. The Boogeyman who is a Miner, Candy Corn Scarecrow and Hallowed Jack which is a Pumpkin. They get summoned by knocking... Continue Reading →

“Death Care”- Movie Coming Soon…

Death Care: Written by Cameron Scott, based on an idea by Tom Komisar & Cameron Scott & Directed by Daniel Murphy. Which begins shooting in Nov and then wrapping it up in the Spring of 2019. Death Care takes a gang of Home Health Care Nurses that are dispatched to terminate undesirable health care patients.... Continue Reading →

“3” – Movie Review

Lou Simon's. Writer, producer, director of "3" is about a man and a woman that kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession, whether to bring hell or comes hell. How far would you go to protect those that fell victim to get answers? 3 will take you on a roller coaster of a... Continue Reading →

“Welcome to Hell” – Coming to DVD

Originally called "Tales of Hell", now has a new home with Wild Eye Releasing, Welcome to Hell will be coming to theaters and DVD October 9th 2018. A terrifying coven of tales designed to take viewers into the nether reaches of insanity, shock and horror. Stars Bill Oberst, Jr. (Scream Queens), Dmitri Schuyler-Linch (Step Brothers),... Continue Reading →

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