What a week I swear, but let's not get to distracted because here's just a photo of the signed posters. They still need one more autograph to get and then it'll be all set and ready to send to those that either pledge on Patreon, or possibly order one on the web store. Artwork was... Continue Reading →

Mouse Pads ARE Ready

Hey Haunters, I wanted to let you guys know that our Everything Horror Mouse Pads are ready for shipping! These guys can help keep that mouse of yours under control. Whether you're diving into Outlast or possibly something even scarier or maybe you just wanna show it off playing that Barbie game you secretly hide from the... Continue Reading →

Supporting the Podcast

Hi everyone, I wanted to write a brief yet long post to help people know there are ways to helping out the Podcast. One of many ways to help is merchandise, even just purchasing a shirt can give us some kinda small profit to help save to achieve those goals we want. Donations is another... Continue Reading →

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