Terror Trail II Available Now For FREE!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVMg_XFlUAM Synopsis: Following right after the original, John and Eric make their way through Glastenbury Mountain as they search for their friend. Maybe they should have done more research of the disappearances and activities that had happened throughout the area. Writers: Paul DulskiDirector: Paul DulskiEditor: Paul DulskiProducers: Paul DulskiComposer: Karl Casey (WhiteBatAudio.com)Special Effects: Katie Kenworthy, Tessa Baker Starring: Paul Dulski (John), Jeremy Pratico... Continue Reading →

Doom VR Charity event!!

Hey guys it's your girl Chrystello Lovebello and I will be doing a Charity stream tonight on twitch we are going to try out Doom for the VR! So come by and help out the cause a dollar for every time I die. It's gonna be a scream that's for sure! See all you boys... Continue Reading →

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