What you will get:

1. There is no force of daily or even weekly targets of articles
2. You can write about any games, movies, shows etc. as long as they’re horror related, in your free time, on weekends or whenever you feel like it.
3. You can embed your YouTube videos into your reviews because a review needs some game play as a demo. So, you will gain views, and watch time through your horror articles and reviews as well!
4. You get to review some latest and famous horror movies, comics and sometimes even games, if the creators share review copies with Everything Horror Podcast.
5. You become more famous online through your articles and reviews!
6. You can add “Volunteer Horror Writer for Everything Horror Podcast” in your CV or any of the social media profiles which adds much value to you as a horror content creator, author and horror fan.
7. Because of your volunteering, you get free access to WordPress editing & analytics tools that otherwise cost $5 per month.
8. A work from home type of volunteering. Make a difference in the international horror community by writing from the comfort of your home.
9. Get your voice to the masses by getting the opportunity to be part of round table discusses, creating your own reviews / discussions for Everything Horror Podcast through Skype or sending your audio clips.
10. Help the noble cause of supporting the horror genre through your content.

11. Grow as a horror content creator / horror YouTuber along with Everything Horror Podcast.

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