Team Addition: Sheila C Puregamer

Happy Scarturday, Hope everyone is good, but let's get right into business. I wanna give a warm welcome to our newest Team Member, Sheila C Puregamer. Who will also be giving you Game Commentary's as well. The more the better right? That's what I thought too, Sheila has helped and shown dedication to us that... Continue Reading →

Over “VERONICA” Hype

Paco Plaza known for his directed film [REC], comes his next masterpiece? So let's get right down the this movie's description. "Madrid, 1991. A teen girl finds herself besieged by an evil supernatural force after she played Ouija with two classmates." And from numerous sources this film is "so scary, that people have had to turn... Continue Reading →


What a week I swear, but let's not get to distracted because here's just a photo of the signed posters. They still need one more autograph to get and then it'll be all set and ready to send to those that either pledge on Patreon, or possibly order one on the web store. Artwork was... Continue Reading →

‘The Beast Inside’ on Kickstarter

From the people who brought you AGONY, comes the next photorealistic horror game. 'The Beast Inside', tends to bring you "Fear, paranoia, fate - the best of horror and thriller merged in the multi-layered story of madness and forgotten, horrifying secrets."  With a Kickstarter goal of $47,261 with now just over $14k with 520 backers. They... Continue Reading →

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