AfterLight Comics’ GHOST ISLAND – Trade Paperback Edition Horror Graphic Novel Cover Revealed & Launched on Kickstarter on March 1st!

GHOST ISLAND | A 180+ page Supernatural Horror Graphic Novel dubbed as Jurassic Park but with Ghosts. After six successful scary comic issues, the wait is finally over for the fans of AfterLight Comics, the UK based comics brand which is well known for its quality comics, and graphic novels. The Paperback of 180+ pages... Continue Reading →

NMJ Films Releases The Official Soundtrack of Urban Fears Horror Anthology on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music & YouTube!

The melodic, and creepy horror music crafted by film maker, actor, and composer, Nicholas Michael Jacobs of NMJ Films can now be experienced by everyone as The Official Soundtrack of the Horror Anthology "Urban Fears" (2019) has been released on major mainstream music outlets, namely- Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube. The Following is... Continue Reading →

Dead by Daylight | Tome VI: DIVERGENCE Reveal Trailer & Details! Out Now (Feb 10th 2021)

A brand new trailer about the survival multiplayer game Dead by Daylight has revealed some new characters and a lot of dead bodies. Out now (Feb 10th, 2021) to The Archives. Watch the artistic water color styled scary horror trailer below! Trailer:- Synopsis:- Tome VI: DIVERGENCE is about to open within The Archives, bringing... Continue Reading →

Book Review: J.D. Oliva’s “The Devil’s Prayer” Action Thriller Novel (Book 2 from The Books of Jericho Series)

The assassin in black is back! Without spoiling, we review the 272 pages Action Thriller novel by the popular thriller novelist, author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, & wrestler, J.D. Oliva! Read on to know why it's an action thriller rollercoaster ride you need to take. Synopsis:- International assassin, Ethan Jericho had a simple wish—to enjoy... Continue Reading →

Live-Action Resident Evil Reboot (Origins Story) Movie’s Theatrical Release Confirmed on Sept 3rd, 2021!

Long awaited live action Resident Evil Reboot movie has now wrapped up its filming, and has received the official theatrical release date of September 3rd, 2021 as the real life outbreak effects reduce with virus containment, patient recovery and vaccination measures continue worldwide. The upcoming Resident Evil origin story movie that is being directed by... Continue Reading →

Comic Review – John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: THE GRIMMS TOWN TERROR TALES: RISE OF THE CANDY CREEPER – “A delightful, scary, and exciting read for all ages!”

Armed with an awesome array of techno-magical weapons, Hansel & Gretel must face off against a nefarious witch that commands a legion of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Storm King Productions' Storm Kids- horror for all ages- one of the most popular, and quality brands in horror comics has brought yet another gem for the readers... Continue Reading →

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